August 30, 2017

Yggdrasil 2217: Media Keys and more

We're proud to announce Yggdrasil 1.2.2 Build 2217, which includes the following changes

  • Radio channel is now displayed in status bar
  • Awesome messages getting displayed on startup
  • Radio reacts to MediaKeys
  • Minimal UI changes
  • General code cleanup
  • Connect button doesn't overlap address bar anymore
  • Bugfixes
  • Speed and stability improvements
  • Reactivated drag 'n drop
  • Added LTS release channel
  • Made unicorns more fluffy

We got some spicy messages displayed at the start of Yggdrasil, which we'll expand over the next updates. If you don't want to upgrade to every latest release, you can enable the LTS channel, which gets updates whenever a general feature changes like the encryption library or the radio function. We made some cool changes under the hood, so Yggdrasil will start and exit a little faster. Also we fixed some serious crashes causing some nasty error messages. When you start Yggdrasil for the first time or upgrade to this and other further releases, you'll see an awesome startup message. Trust me, it's great. We also made some nice UI tunes like the thing, that the address bar doesn't overlap anything anymore. The code is also a little bit cleaner now, because we removed some doubled or unused functions causing more errors in the software. If you like the software, you can support us every time on or PayPal.

Let us know in the comments if we should share detailed changelogs for Yggdrasil on