January 10, 2018

Why I use monkeys as test image for programming

I liked animals since I was a little kid. When I was at kindergarden, I always said, that I like monkeys, cats and dolphins. But that isn't why I use it actually as a test image. It has a quite deeper meaning.

The video platform YouTube crashed (but not very often, but it crashed) sometimes a long time ago and displayed a 500 error. The website displays a message and a support code for error handling. And now look what it says.

HTTP 500 error of YouTube

"A team of highly trained monkeys..."

I thought if training needs work and programming is work for me, then why not displaying a cute little monkey as test image. And it even goes a little bit further.

I had a blog back then and it was called "Webmonkeys". Bad name, I was a kid, so don't mind. That blog was all about tech. That's also a reason, why I chose monkeys as test image.

Actually...there are alot of reasons, but on the other hand it's just a test image and people don't care. I have alot of stuff, which is weird for some reasons and that's it.