KoyuVPN - Lifetime free VPN service

Internet freedom should be a human right

If you think the same and feel bad about, that your ISP is censoring and throtteling your internet connection, then this might be the solution for you.

Just download this config file and OpenVPN for your phone or computer, import the config file and connect!


  • Your data limit will not be calculated to you (Unlimited data! Doesn't work with already throttled connections)
  • Your connection to all koyu.space services is super-fast
  • Your internet connection doesn't get blocked or throttled (e.g. business networks or countries censoring you)
  • You can use it on as many devices you want
  • Everything is encrypted with military-grade encryption methods and no one can look at your data
  • Using Google DNS for super-fast DNS resolving
  • Damn-good uptime (99,5%)

Download now!