July 26, 2017

MS Paint and Adobe/Macromedia Flash are getting discontinued: Statement

I can fully relate to this guy and I really loved the hours of drawing wallpapers in MS Paint and playing flash games for no actual reasons. It was cool back then and I loved it. Then came newer technologies like HTML5, mobile games and more graphic applications with more features. Now technology is destroying all the things I loved in childhood? Why? Because in this capitalistic world we can't enjoy the things from the past which were fun back then? Ok, I must admit, that there are some cool things out there, but the older things are today still great. A day later it said "MS Paint will live in the Windows Store for free instead getting preinstalled on every machine running Windows 10" and Adobe is still supporting Flash until 2020. Is that the end for all the Facebook games? Well, yes or to be honest: Maybe. If the great game developers out there are porting their flash games to HTML5 (which is really easy) then Facebook is not dying out. So what makes Facebook special? Well, the tons of flash games. But what if browser creators don't support Flash, Java and all the older technologies anymore? Websites using these technologies will die out sooner or later.

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