October 4, 2017

Statement on Pleroma

Pleroma is a new social network server, which is backwards compatible to Mastodon, GNU Social and more. The server software was written to be fit on small devices like a Raspberry Pi, which seems attractive for me, because I have one and it would be great to have a Mastodon-compatible server, since setting up a Mastodon server is a headache for me. I follow some people on Mastodon developing activly on the server software and I like their progress so far. I don't know why other people are hating it. You can hate Mastodon for example, because pawoo.net contains child-pornograhy, so you could hate Pleroma too for just posting the same. I don't see the sense in hating something new, just because it's better. Maybe I'll try Pleroma too, just for seeing how it works. Maybe I'll setup my own server on a Raspberry Pi I have laying around here.

Let me know in the comments below, what you think (honestly) about Pleroma.