July 13, 2017

Some K-POP songs I like from annoying to kind of okay

Yeah, I'm listening to K-POP and stuff. So let's look at the K-POP songs I like (and sometimes other people don't). I got the inspiration for this post from these guys, so check them out, they're awesome. Maybe I'll join them, it would be fun. So let's begin... (I hope GitHub will eat the Korean charset)

  • 11 (ELEVEN) - Hitchhiker
  • DDANG Remix (Lowkies Afterhour) - Suran
  • Baby Donโ€™t Like It ๋‚˜์œ ์ง“ - NCT 127
  • Oh NaNa (Hidden. HUR YOUNG JI) - K.A.R.D
  • Switch - NCT 127, SR15B
  • All Night - f(x)
  • PIZZA - Oohyo
  • Talk Talk - Girls' Generation
  • Hey-yo - CLC
  • Weekend - HIGH4 20
  • Day 1 - Red Velvet

So have fun, some unmentioned tracks are on my Spotify Playlist for further research. Have fun playing :)