koyu.space Code of Conduct

koyu.space is a brand promoting free and open-source software. Although all people using these services should act accordingly after the open-source definition. Furthermore we don't want to see people harrassing others or encourage them based on their skin-tone, gender, religion and other things defining a human look or personality. The internet should be a nice place for everybody and we all express in a human form. Spamming, begging or advertisements are not good seen in every corner on the internet. If you were banned or kicked, remember what you did before and how to make things better. We might allow you to join us again if we mistakenly excluded you from our services. We have some principles here on koyu.space we must all follow, so here are the rules:

  • Never encourage everyone doing anything, because some of them don't want to do it or having a bad day
  • We'd like to see humane discussions, but spamming or advertising is never allowed in any form
  • Adult content is allowed as long as you properly flag it
  • If the platform doesn't give you that option, you shouldn't do it anyway
  • We might inform you from time to time about certain things regarding the services you're using via a direct message. This will give you the option to do a backup before we completely quit the service. We will also announce everything on the front-page on koyu.space or if you subscribed via e-mail.
  • We allow everyone to discuss their political views, but this should be tagged as such
  • We also allow you to say, that you had a bad day or feeling down, but please tag this one also. The same goes for any other issues you have with yourself. Please note, that no one on this platform is a doctor and can help you with serious issues. If you have a wound or broke your arm or anything else, please consult a doctor in your area. We can only give you advice as any other stranger.
  • Not every corner on the internet is a safe place and we're all strangers. Please take it as a serious advice or you'll be having alot of problems.

Otherwise have alot of fun with gamers, developers, artists, musicians and other awesome people. We will really appreciate your hard work making this a good place fun for everyone.