January 11, 2018

Raspberry Pi Netboot Server

Raspberry Pi's can boot over network with Raspberry Pi Server. It looks like this:

Discovering Raspberry Pis

It's good for businesses, that need to manage a ton of Raspberry Pis e.g. as Thin Client or information screen. You can even define a custom image, that the Raspberry Pis will boot.

So you'll need to do the following steps:

  • Having a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed
  • Having a CD with Raspbian Desktop for the server
  • Put the CD in the server and install it to hard disk

Then you'll need to add the following line to your /boot/config.txt:


After this line added power down the Pi, remove the SD card and power it back on. You'll now be able to network boot it.

You can now setup the Raspberry Pi Server with the graphical tool coming with it. Install a VNC server for remote managing. You can even create your own OS image. For further information about how these operating system images are created, have a look at the scripts in /var/lib/piserver/scripts.

That's it. Hope it was all right. I'm currently testing it :)