August 20, 2017

New Matrix server made by me

Hello, I'm proud to announce another service created by me: My own Matrix server. Matrix is basically a protocol for chatting with others. You connect with a client called Riot, which is similar to Slack or IRC and integrates with alot of services I and other people do. It even has voice and video calling and is far more further developed than Discord. I'm currently working on setting up a bridge between Discord and my Matrix Homeserver for people who don't like Discord to parcipate in no matter what client they are using. I'm even planning linking my Minecraft server with Discord and Matrix. Now you know why I'm very obsessed with it. Riot video and audio calls have a very good quality (it literally comes out what you sent) even if your internet isn't great for calls. I tried that with a internet speed of 2MBit/s down and 400kbit/s up. Discord and Mumble began to lag while Matrix still ran like a charm. I tested it while calling people for 30 seconds and then hanging up and then just reminding me back if I heard any lag. There is no squeeking when you're not wearing headphones and no lags if you have a bad internet connection. Why are not people using it? My homeserver is available via on Riot (see image for setting up below) and you can request an account via


As of 2017/08/31: We got a Riot client preinstalled here if you're too lazy typing in the address

As of 2017/10/10: Matrix registrations are now closed. The server is full and now under heavy load sometimes.