July 13, 2017

Major service outages on keybase.io forcing Yggdrasil to stop working

I'm glad, that I patched the issue, which deletes the Yggdrasil Launcher if the Update server gets down. Starting around 6:30pm MET the keybase.io servers stopped working and causing Yggdrasil to fail updating, getting launcher data and other things for Yggdrasil to function. This is really bad. Sometimes the servers are getting back for some seconds and then getting down again. Keybase never mentioned the outage on their official Twitter account and that's even more bad, because I don't know what happened. Last but not least, the Spezi-Com.de servers experienced a small outage for a couple of seconds something close to the end of the morning. Now as I'm writing the article the servers are trying to get back online. I hope this will stay for a long time then. Maybe they did some maintenance on their servers. Thank you all for using my services and if you experience any further outages, then head over to the status page and have a nice day :)