October 31, 2017

Enable Play Store on Chromebooks, where it hasn't been rolled out yet

Chromebooks are fun and easy to use. Most of them are starting at 200€ and that's very good, that they are so cheap. The big problem is, that they don’t run normal software most people are used to. That changed with the new Android Runtime for Chrome OS and now the Play Store. Another thing is, that the Play Store hasn’t been rolled out yet on every Chromebook and most people still need to wait a little longer. But you can pre-test the new Play Store. Be aware that the following steps void your warranty, so don’t do it on a production system.

First you need to unlock the Chromebook into developer mode, which can be done by pressing Esc-Reload-Power and then Ctrl-D. This will delete all your data and void your warranty! Follow the instructions to turn signed boot verification off. After this you need to make the rootfs writable in the developer options while setting up the Chromebook. You are being prompted then restarting your Chromebook to apply those changes. When you logged in and you’re on the desktop open up a Terminal by pressing Ctrl-Alt-T and then enter the following commands:

sudo su
echo "--arc-availability=officially-supported " >> /etc/chrome_dev.conf

After this restart your Chromebook. After logging in you’ll see the Play Store icon in the taskbar. Have fun and tell me in the comments if it worked :)