koyu.space is a space for cute and awesome people. I'm receiving donations from almost everywhere, so this place wouldn't die out until I want it.

You can support me here


Our last donations are listed here.

  • January 2018: Anonymous (100,00€)
  • August 2017: Anonymous (100,00€)
  • July 2017: A Yggdrasil donator on itch.io (0,48€)
  • July 2017: Eric (2,00€)
  • June 2017: Diana Ishihara (4,25€)

What I pay for this

  • koyu.space domain: 7,99€/year
  • Geroll: 13,70€/month

Monthly donation goal



Yggdrasil is a filetransfer software I wrote with some friends and you can support me also by buying Yggdrasil on itch.io for 1,00€ or more.


You can also support me through this German online shop I made, so you can put art into your room and support me that way.

koyu.space Discord

Discord is a way to contact me, so don't hesitate if you need me.

koyu.space E-Mail

The koyu.space E-Mail is an e-mail address for you and my services. If you like to have an account there, you can contact the support of course. People will help you setting up an E-Mail account for you.

koyu.space Matrix

koyu.space Matrix is a new way to communicate with. It is a better alternative to Discord and integrates with it. If you're interested discovering a new alternative, check out my blog post to know more about it and how to request an account.