Particularly everything will end, just wait and keep calm,
Help each other out, for not having something in return.

The stress level in the global society is increasing vividly!
Mostly in developing countries.
Any resolves?
Anyone would suggest any resolute for a greater cause!

Gender pronoun stuff (-) 

I know some people who do use the pronoun "it" and I don't want to make them feel invalid with this...

Complicated. :blobsweats:

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Need suggestions for a project!
1. Datasets of social media platforms.
2. API'S of social media sites.

Project is a research, on personality identification through various means of distinction (posts, comments, anything that involves text).

Your help will not go in vain.

Conflicts can resolve most of the irrational ideations that are brought up by over thinking.

Why are you still here?

Your phone doesn’t autocorrect when you type in caps because it thinks you are angry and doesn’t want to get involved.

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