Starting with a tiny step to work on something you鈥檝e been avoiding will make it easier to tackle.

OK I'm on here now best intoduse myself. I make a comic call Demon Suit. I make a lot of designs I put on Redbubble, mostly silly things and lightning. I recently started looking at making stuff for sites like Shutterstock. I'm working on my illustration skills hoping to get work in that area at some point. There are waaay too many shows and animes I need to chatch up on.

Some recent-ish art I've done. I feel the need to catch up on sharing the stuff I've made coming onto a new platform

Hi hello, I'm Marcie. I've been around the Masto block, I'm just impulsive and indecisive and finicky. So I'm here now. I'm a gal who posts opinions about things, or esoteric shitposts, or maybe pictures of myself if I'm feeling PARTICULARLY BOLD. That's about it.

We're going to roll out icons for our anti-features soon. Here's a preview, what do you think?

For F-Droid users:

Firefox Klar, Firefox Lite, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, and IceCat Mobile don't get updates since there are no maintainers.

#firefox #ffklar #fflite #icecatmobile #duckduckgo #browser #maintenance #fdroid

life without love may be meaningless, but love without life is necrophilia

Meet Fred, aka #PixelFred our mascot. He's been around since June 2018 but many people don't know about him.

designed by @hellcp

searx seems like a neat idea, but sadly its results still feel completely random. When I search for the same term five times, I'll get five totally different lists of results.

Also, roughly half of their engine-plugins are just plain broken at the moment. They have all my sympathy, though: depending on a multitude of external APIs, they're bound to break non-stop.

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