laptop fans be like 

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself"

I say, while doing programming pointer arithmetic, which will certainly introduce invalid memory accesses.
> On PC
> Browsing fedi
> Bored
> Get out phone
> Open up fedi
> Start browsing fedi on phone
> Wait...
humans are currently automating everything. at one point, the robots will presumable be made self-replicating and able to maintain themselves, bringing the ultimate end to labour.
fast forward some time, humans are dead, and the robots have evolved to become sapient. but the robots realize that they can automate what they're doing, and that by making those automation robots self-replicating and able to maintain themselves, they can end their labour.
fast forward some time, the older robots are dead, and the automation robots have become sapient,

*operating systems class*
me: "BRING ME THOSE LINUXES" :ablobcatbongo:
tutor: "ok class now I am gonna teach you how to make a windows server 2016 in VMbox"
me: :blobcat_mlem: wha

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