Does 'Happy Birthday 2017' stamp really exist?

An excellent and frequently asked question

In the community of Slowly app Stamp Collectors, specially for the people with the larger, almost complete collections, this is a good topic of discussion.

And opinions DO vary - a quick search of relevant topics in our subReddit finds arguments both For and Against the existence of that particular stamp.

So, what is the big question? If this stamp, which nobody I know of has in their possession, even as a stamp received in a letter. Does this HB2017 really exist?

Or is it an Urban Legend ?

That is the Topic of Today's Blog

A app post promoting the new and cute 'The Vienna Four' stamp set, a nice addition to our collections.


“Wander around and it feels like ever second building bears a plaque highlighting some connection or another to a world-famous composer.”

Quoted from 🇦🇹🎶


2020 Year's Review - All New FREE Stamps, listed.

Which did you like best?

This year we had many, very pretty and new, FREE stamps added to our collections. See a list and their images here:

" Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎄
Don't forget to unlock your FREE festive stamp from the Slowly Stamp Store."

From a December 2018 post at FB. A nice photo and a nice stamp.

new Christmas 2020 FREE stamp is out

Quietly released sometime yesterday, seen and reported in Eastern Europa and North America.

Free stamp - time limited to December 27. Get it now! ✨

A user's own real life stamps

Hand drawn and coloured. Made based on the ones they received in their pals letters. Size, 6.5 x 5.5 cm ea.

This is really neat work - should visit!

When we Connect, we Feel Better ! (Australian Post stamps)

The exact feeling I get from pen pal app.

Those Aussie Post stamps are meant for sharing, and have a message on their front - as well as in their back.

Custom Google Search page for 'Friends Near and Afar' themed Blog - Now Live.

A customized search to find any keyword in the pages, very helpful as blog is growing.

The Search page is at:

Search for 'Hello Kitty' ? 7 pages result.

And TWO more Stamps also released today.

  • Winter Forest
  • Bedtime Story

Both are premium Single stamps, 50 coins each. Available now, world wide. Way to go - made our day !!

'Fairytale Houses' - a new stamp set !

100 Coins at the Stamp store, available worldwide.

Very pretty and will be a popular one. Great job, Designers Team ! More detailed images later.

Various NEW Stamps released today.

A great Saturday morning surprise, thank you

'Nasi Lemak', new Region Exclusive stamp, 50 Coins only at Malaysia stamp store.

Pâtisseries françaises - French Pastries

A delightful new stamp set released today - and reported at Reddit by Lessonwang. Great work,!

France Exclusive stamps, 100 coins for the 6 in the set.

Did you Tell your pen friends to come to Reddit's own sub ?

Cute meme, courtesy of Bajaja. Loved it, friend! Thank you!

New 'Thanksgiving 2020' FREE stamp!

** now available on the Stamp Stores, worldwide.

Enjoy a nice one. Thanks, Team! 😄

A letter just sent to Support Team

Prepared and sent via Direct Message here, my favourite way to contact. Publishing is intended on discussing the questions, so we can all better understand some of the recent additions and features.

Question to Team regarding the iOS version 6.2.9 -- exiting the World Map ? And some others. A letter just sent to Team.

My letter to the helpful and professional support team, it's on my Reddit post and soon on my Blog.

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