Pinafore makes Nomad Living a joy

Adding one more to the list. 17 in it, joins at no. 18 spot. 😎

Many thanks to @nolan for the wonderful that is.

The BEST, ask your geeky friends.

Speed, lightness. Functional and elegant Design. Free, not in your face design impositions.

No freeking character limits, Pina allows use of whatever your instance allows.

AND -- it also accepts posts, which are joy for me as a Writer and content producer.

Same client, visits mastodon, or GlitchSocial, or Pleroma, or Misskey instances. All without leaving the same screen.

Power user? You can run multiple copies - side by side, each tab a different instance.

Won't I get confused or lost, where am I?

[ to be continued, next ]


Won't I get confused or lost, where am I?

No, no fret -- Pinafore allows a big range of Themes, pre configured Colour Schemes so you can keep track of where you are, even in multi tabbed, multi instance moments.

See this post with a full Gallery of Themes

Pinafore client – A sampler of all the Colour Themes available the little known Pinafore subforum at another instance.

Quick snapshot of the Colour Theme selection panel here, for illustration.

-- Friendly.

on the Beat. Frontline reports return...


And to find out more about ?

Visit the Author's blog post, written after one year working in the project.

Ask me -- I love it, and be glad to oblige and answer questions.

Or check out the glowing user commentary -- see : Pinafore Love – User’s Impressions from the Hash Tag

To install it? Simple, visit -- which is one of the various possible web hosts for Pina.

( More are available, listed here for us geeks : Listing of Known Pinafore Instances you can connect to )

This post brought to you by the letters MD, P and K.

@yann2 Thanks for this thread! I'm glad you like Pinafore so much. 🙂

@nolan You are very welcome -- it's one of those unique projects that us fans have to tell the world about.

Lovely, elegant, unique, well maintained. Kudos, friend and thank you. Your work is much appreciated.

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