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New version of Yann's Customized World Explorer page.

Prettier and cleaner, larger images, responsive design for all kinds of devices. Each Stamp links to a full info page.

LIVE here :

Release post & complete info :


I just posted "Yann's customized 'World Explorer' has LIVE links to SLOWLY WIKI Location pages for each stamp !" on Reddit


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For the nice 'Mute' features, I am thankful.

Too many short, cryptic one liners? I add a new entry to my profile's settings. Bliss.

Enjoy your day and the freedom of expression we have here. This is not IM or Twitter; we can do better...

800 characters toot size limit, soon to be 16384 as promised by our gentle admins. Look forward to it.

is for too.

MarkDown format is available here.

And it's simple, easy to learn and use. Try it.

Use this , which is where I learned :

Screenshot shows the formatting commands used in this last paragraph.

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Mastodon and Fediverse Welcome to New Members

And some Guides, as there's much to learn, enjoy here. I love the LifeHacker guide mentioned below, it is wonderful - reread it not long ago, highly recommend it.

Mastodon is not all that this new space has to offer -- it's only one of the platforms here.

There are others, and it's quite an interesting place. Read the manuals, find your route, enjoy diff places - like when we travel, our instances here are like the local Cafés I so enjoy visiting abroad.

Guides Recommendations :

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Getting Good Penpals, a Slowly Users Guide

This has been posted and recognized as a valuable resource at Reddit for maybe almost two months now.

After sitting in my Blog editor for almost 30 days, I decided to publish it -- in Two pages, with a final Part 3 coming soon dealing with the loaded question of "Adding friends via Slowly IDs".

Hope you enjoy reading this, a more detailed, illustrated and carefully written version of my original Reddit forum post.

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are de rigueur, so...

Hello friends and thank you for offering the service. Koyu Space seems a nice instance, and I have chosen it for my new account.

This one, which will be focused on my love and interest in Writing, Reading, and corresponding with interesting people from all over the world.

are wonderful, and I am happy to have been using the app to find interesting, intelligent and sensitive people all over the World to correspond with.

I am starting a new personal Blog, to post some of my own letters to friends, stripped of any personal information to protect their privacy.

And I am also active in the Reddit sub for the Slowly app community, where there's a lot of good information and like minded people. 😃

Hope to chat with anyone interested.

NEW -- Flag of Bulgaria stamp is released.

Only until March 3rd, at the Bulgarian Stamp Store. Free for the locals and anyone visiting from abroad.

Other recent releases? See our topic :

Does 'Happy Birthday 2017' stamp really exist?

An excellent and frequently asked question

In the community of Slowly app Stamp Collectors, specially for the people with the larger, almost complete collections, this is a good topic of discussion.

And opinions DO vary - a quick search of relevant topics in our subReddit finds arguments both For and Against the existence of that particular stamp.

So, what is the big question? If this stamp, which nobody I know of has in their possession, even as a stamp received in a letter. Does this HB2017 really exist?

Or is it an Urban Legend ?

That is the Topic of Today's Blog

NEW National Flag Stamps available Now.

South Korea and Bosnia-Hezergovina have their National Days on March 1st - and team released their Flag stamps.

Another 3 countries also coming soon - see topic:

Very lovely photo. Steve enjoying the garden and greenery, doesn't even look like the +1 Celsius temp mentioned, the plants look so nice.

getting closer to .


Viele Grüsse von Steve 😺🐾 Hier ist es +0,5 Grad C. kalt und Steve liegt draussen im Fellchenstuhl und putzt sich...
Habt einen schönen . 😀👋


Why did they Not Reply ?

Original posted at Twitter, where it was a bit and popular thread. users can relate - as so many times replies never materialize.

Why? 😜🙂👍


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Cabin Fever, yes, here too. please come!!!


Can you tell I’m sick of winter? Here’s what passes for a rainbow here. 😆🌈


app and Data Privacy – Two Different Worlds?

An important topic, in a Guest Author post on my Blog. Thank you to CrazyLizard from Reddit. See the article in full here:

or also visit and comment in the topic :

New National Flag stamp...

It's Independence Day in the Dominican Republic on Feb 27, and until then, their new Flag stamp is available now.

FREE, but only for the locals and visitors.

New stamp is now available!

International Polar Bear Day is coming on Feb 27, and a special and VERY pretty, FREE stamp is now available.

Worldwide, free, until Feb 27. Thanks L. for 1st report:

NEW -- Flag spotted...

Kuwait National Day is on Feb 25, and the Flag of Kuwait is available now. At their stamp store, until Feb 25, FREE for the locals and visitors.

Cats, even better in multiples. And a pleasure to just observe.


Much needed rest after some really hard work😴😺


A reminder, that Spring will come. We sure need it.


, die unter dem Schnee waren und eine nach der starken Kälte zu sehen - das hat gestern mein Herz so erfreut.
Habt einen schönen Sonntag. 😺🐝😀👋🌼
Have a nice Sunday.
and 😀🐝🌼


Maneko Neko, lovely.


good luck!
by Felicia Chiao aka feliciachiao (Industrial designer and Illustrator, Providence, , )


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Windows 10, change System Font for a better one?

Something I have done, and planned to post about

A simple change which I am really enjoying. For Windows 10 users, the default System font is the new 'Segoe UI' font and its variants, all included in the default Windows 10 install.

However, it IS possible to change it, to whichever font you feel would be more readable, or prettier, or that you prefer for any reason.

A quick search will reveal many pages written about this topic, and even videos for those who prefer that form of presentation.

Why change it?

Because, there are better alternatives. Microsoft itself developed at least two families of Fonts in the 1990's which were specifically designed and optimized for on-screen reading. They are outstanding for that. These fonts are:

Georgia - a Serif font, which I would recommend as a replacement for your default Browser font, instead of the plain Times New Roman usually configured by their developer.

Verdana - a Sans Serif font which is an improvement on the Arial font, and could also be adopted as a better one for Browser default. (Arial and Sans being usually the browser predefined picks).

And now here it is. A Guide on how to easily improve system wide readability...

That is the topic of Today's Blog Page

#FediReporter information gathering for us all.. #Typography #UI #Windows

#newusers #welcome #VerdanaPRO is beautiful.

NEW -- Flag Stamp reported!

The Emperor's Birthday is on Feb 23, and the Flag of Japan is available now. At the Japanese stamp store, until Feb 23, FREE for locals, visitors. Thanks Yoshi for heads up!

Posted by ImpossibleTwin at Reddit :

NEW -- stamps Release!

National Day and the Flag of Brunei is available now. Until Feb 23, only for the locals, FREE. Thanks B. for the heads up!

See nice post on Reddit with info on and The , which also got their Flag stamp.

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