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New version of Yann's Customized World Explorer page.

Prettier and cleaner, larger images, responsive design for all kinds of devices. Each Stamp links to a full info page.

LIVE here :

Release post & complete info :


I just posted "Yann's customized 'World Explorer' has LIVE links to SLOWLY WIKI Location pages for each stamp !" on Reddit


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For the nice 'Mute' features, I am thankful.

Too many short, cryptic one liners? I add a new entry to my profile's settings. Bliss.

Enjoy your day and the freedom of expression we have here. This is not IM or Twitter; we can do better...

800 characters toot size limit, soon to be 16384 as promised by our gentle admins. Look forward to it.

is for too.

MarkDown format is available here.

And it's simple, easy to learn and use. Try it.

Use this , which is where I learned :

Screenshot shows the formatting commands used in this last paragraph.

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Mastodon and Fediverse Welcome to New Members

And some Guides, as there's much to learn, enjoy here. I love the LifeHacker guide mentioned below, it is wonderful - reread it not long ago, highly recommend it.

Mastodon is not all that this new space has to offer -- it's only one of the platforms here.

There are others, and it's quite an interesting place. Read the manuals, find your route, enjoy diff places - like when we travel, our instances here are like the local Cafés I so enjoy visiting abroad.

Guides Recommendations :

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Getting Good Penpals, a Slowly Users Guide

This has been posted and recognized as a valuable resource at Reddit for maybe almost two months now.

After sitting in my Blog editor for almost 30 days, I decided to publish it -- in Two pages, with a final Part 3 coming soon dealing with the loaded question of "Adding friends via Slowly IDs".

Hope you enjoy reading this, a more detailed, illustrated and carefully written version of my original Reddit forum post.

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are de rigueur, so...

Hello friends and thank you for offering the service. Koyu Space seems a nice instance, and I have chosen it for my new account.

This one, which will be focused on my love and interest in Writing, Reading, and corresponding with interesting people from all over the world.

are wonderful, and I am happy to have been using the app to find interesting, intelligent and sensitive people all over the World to correspond with.

I am starting a new personal Blog, to post some of my own letters to friends, stripped of any personal information to protect their privacy.

And I am also active in the Reddit sub for the Slowly app community, where there's a lot of good information and like minded people. 😃

Hope to chat with anyone interested.

Of Old Mines and Modern Times – a letter to S.

Another reply letter to a good friend I wrote, and which felt like a nice material for a Blog post.

So here it is. With added imagery, links, richer text. Enjoy.

New premium Stamps released...

A nice new Tarot, 6 stamp set, for 100 Coins.

And two Singles, at 50 Coins each. Available now, worldwide.

Reddit topic :

[ RESEARCH ] What is the cost of a 500 Coins in your own Country ?

Could you comment and let us know? Thank you!

Original Topic on Reddit with already gathered Data :


I just posted "[ RESEARCH ] What is the cost of a 500 Slowly Coins in your own Country ? Could you comment and let us know? Thank you!" on Reddit


'Flower Whispers Volume 2' is Controversial. Which stamp is visually a better Design ?

Opinions, everybody has one. Which of those two has a better Design?

  • easier on the eye
  • shows more detail of the flower
  • you would prefer it

So, LEFT one ? or RIGHT one ?

Web Client upgraded!

We are happy to report that a new version v.3.0.0 is out, and has some of the niceties added to Mobile versions. Specifically:

  • Word Count in all letters and new letter editor, YES !!
  • My Paragraphs allows saved texts

is a wonderful app, a place to meet interesting people.

Sadly there's still lots of clueless ones. Like the 'author' of this recent Auto-Match message received by one of my pen pals.

L. responded in same style, see reddit link...

NEW - - 'Kupala Night' (Bonfire Festival) stamp now available on Russian Stamp Store.

FREE for locals and visitors, until July 7th. ** Thanks to Rose for first spotting and reporting it! **

NEW stamp released in the United Kingdom

'Winbledom' stamp commemorates the famous Tennis tournament. Available now, FREE for locals and visitors to Great Britain.

NEW Stamp...

Happy National Day, Greenland!

And their national flag is now available, at the local stamp store. Only until June 21st.


I just posted "NEW - Happy National Day, Greenland ! And their national flag stamp is out in their local stamp store, for a limited time only." on Reddit


NEW stamp!

'端午節' or 'Dragon Boat Festival', a very pretty commemorative stamp is out on the Chinese Stamp Store.
FREE for locals and brave tourists, until June 14 only. Thanks Mizzy for reporting it!

Portugal cyclists and fans can now get a really nice Jersey. Super elegant in Black, or there's White and some other colours too. 40 Euros each, plus shipping.

New stamps released on June 8, 2021...

Glad about these, thanks Babacar for the report and heads up!

  • Angola's and Haiti's first ever location stamps
  • Bolivia and Latvia commemoratives, coming on Solstice Day, June 22

Also Premium singles for Taiwan and Ukraine

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I just posted "NEW -- June 8, 2021 Slowly Stamp Releases - Angola, Haiti new Location stamps, plus Taiwan and Ukraine Premium ones, plus Bolivia and Latvia Special Occasion ones. A total of 6 pretty new stamps." on Reddit


A preview list -- possible May National flag Stamp releases?

Based on Wikipedia's 'National Days' page. See the topic?

illustration: President Frank D. Roosevelt, a philatelist too.

Web Client version 2.1.1 is now out.

Adds 'Windows Notifications' and 'Show Weather and Local Time' options in Settings.

The Best client keeps getting better...

Interesting Stamp News -- team has just REPLACED a very recent stamp (released 2 days ago).

Meet the new Red Heliconia, from Monserrat.

Two images :

  1. original and paler, red-orange toned Heliconia

  2. Replaced with a new REDDER Heliconia version. Prettier too!

NEW -- Happy Independence Day, !

And the national Flag stamp has been unlocked at the local Stamp Store.

FREE for the locals and visitors, until April 18 only.

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