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My letterboxd diary is just a mess that I'm sure anyone who looks at it can easily go "I don't know what kinda guy this is"

It would be a good Puyo Day if I knew how to Puyo Puyo 😢

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My only goal which I'm fucking trying for that in every single moment of my disastrous life, is not to think.

This has been a weird year... I'm so tired already...

¡¡¡Tengo un nuevo sueño!!! Un musical al estilo de Hollywood pero con una combinación de cumbias y jazz.

I know they're basically the same as today's, but I'm talking more like lookswise.

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Hey people from the Fediverse, does someone has a picture about service dogs from 1975-1985. We're working on a fiction work and I would like to see the style of harnesses that was common around that time.

Just watched Lulu Wang's The Farewell and I have to say that most of the film I was crying... Like a lot, pretty ugly and loudly, other than that I feel like it's an amazing film, about love, respect and ourselves.

After some hot tea 🍵 I'm starting to feel way better, I was just overreacting

At this moment of my life, I hate the film season of awards because everybody acts like cinema is an objective and scientific subject to which only one result can be achieved, that we are all the same and feel the same, and that the subjectivity of art is non-existant.

Me: *writing about acting in film when I can't even notice when people is sad or angry*

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And just like that, no one is talking about impeachment anymore. 🧙🏻‍♂️

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