Started watching "Manifest" on Netflix, and i'm just 2 episodes in, and i really love the idea of there being some strange, supernatural force, whose main objective seem to be solving crime.

@kettlevoid This is basically the plot of Umineko and quite a few characters in particular.

@kettlevoid There's a bunch of closed room murders of the protagonist's family on a remote island and a witch claims to have done it, but the protagonist claims witches do not exist so they have a logic battle over the true nature of the crimes. Over time the plot becomes more and more complex with more and more supernatural characters showing up whose objectives regarding solving the crimes differ quite a bit.

@wistahe ...and did the witch do it or not? And also, supernatural character, but are the crimes themselves done supernaturally?

@wistahe wait it's a manga? I thought it was a visual novel

@kettlevoid It's a visual novel, but there is a manga too which I've heard is pretty good. Don't watch the anime.


@kettlevoid Let me know what you think as you read! This is one of those stories where it's really interesting to see what conclusions other people have come to as they try to understand what is going on.

@wistahe Uhm really interesting. If i'll come to read it, i'll let you know!

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