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I sometimes get surprised at just how much I don't know. I also get surprised at just how much other people know. Like, people really know things, things I don't know that they figured out through time and effort. That used to scare me, but recently I think it's kind of wonderful.

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Hello, I am Wistahe!

I'm rather new to using social media, so I'd appreciate any tips. I like programming C and have been trying to create AI programming languages for 5 years, but unfortunately nothing works out so I keep trying over and over and over again. I also like art, especially if it tries to do something new or revives forgotten, but cool ideas. If anyone has anything interesting at all to share that isn't too crazy (except in regards to the marvelous), please tell me!

Seems like everyone on fedi is having a bad day. I'm doing pretty good myself though. There isn't really anything I can write here without sounding too insincere, but I find it helps when you're feeling down to imagine doing something with your misery. Even if it is just a little egotistical and silly like becoming the worlds best something or creating some grand scheme beyond compare.

Arch for Dummies

Arch Linux is a really nice distro offering flexibility and speed. Even though it’s a meme...

Crossing the blurred border between symbolic logic and computation is fun. Custom logic systems for everyone! What a world that might be.

wow if you look at the most uttered words in the 2020 democratic primary candidates' speeches bernie really stands out

Backdoor code found in 11 Ruby libraries:

- collects host URL and env vars and sends them to a C2 in Ukraine

- a backdoor accept a signed cookie file from the attacker and runs the code from the cookie

should :bun: be the official mascot?

capitalising letters on a Thing instantly makes it seem important/ominous

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