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I sometimes get surprised at just how much I don't know. I also get surprised at just how much other people know. Like, people really know things, things I don't know that they figured out through time and effort. That used to scare me, but recently I think it's kind of wonderful.

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Hello, I am Wistahe!

I'm rather new to using social media, so I'd appreciate any tips. I like programming C and have been trying to create AI programming languages for 5 years, but unfortunately nothing works out so I keep trying over and over and over again. I also like art, especially if it tries to do something new or revives forgotten, but cool ideas. If anyone has anything interesting at all to share that isn't too crazy (except in regards to the marvelous), please tell me!

I didn't think it would be all that interesting, but feminist disability theory is surprisingly fascinating. One of the ideas I am liking a lot is that disability (or at the very least its significance) is produced by one's environment instead of just something intrinsic. If you extend disability to stand in for a wide variety of capabilities (especially mental) then you can see the importance of taking an environment into consideration when forming psychological troubles.

i present to you: the official anthem

There's no general algorithm for finding contradictions, instead you need to notice them when they occur. What then should be the algorithm of occurrence? Well, actually, I think just now I realized something I can use. I wrote a paper on it, didn't I?! Still, exploration is going to have to be a mix of gambling, using what is known, and asking questions.

Does a story pre-exist its writer? No, but from the perspective of a reader it looks that way. Is it not a common occurrence for an English teacher to use the author's life as a metaphor for the events of a novel?

Logician pitted again logician in an argument spanning multiple worlds for relevance. Maybe that's the analogy I'm looking for.

Ancient miracle workers in a way existed to contradict people's troubles. Maybe that says something about how we judge miracles.

Or troubles that won't die.

I got the trouble bit down, it turns out not to be that difficult with a little folk psychology, but I've only got half the contradiction. I have all the rules of the game, but I still need some exploration to figure out how to play.

I may soon come to know troubled dreams more in depth than I ever would have anticipated.

8+ hours of physics homework to do tomorrow of which I won't understand! Good thing I've given up hope for a comfortable and confidence inducing life. Still, I don't regret the stuff I've worked on today instead of studying. Going to make some cool reasoning systems to literally simulate the despair physics causes me. The agony fuels me hahahahaahahaha!!!11!

Really Really Hot Take 

Adaptability requires modeling internal system dynamics which I have a lot less experience with doing formally than the external dynamics of normal logic.

Maybe I've gone off the deep end considering I'm psychoanalyzing a hypothetical person's inference of a reasoning process that isn't there for the psychobabble of a chatbot with no intelligence.

Relevance requires some degree of imagination and as a result an examination of impossible states of affairs.

If you want a good definition of pataphysics (at least in its original incarnation) it would be the study of things that a theory says are possible that differ from the actual things from which the theory was derived.

Success and capability are hardly the most human of traits. The human condition is marked by grief, unknowing, and faultering. Far more human than being able to solve anything is how we come to understand problems.

Thinking I could use choice of contradictions in adaptive logic to give programs a limited amount of personality

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