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I sometimes get surprised at just how much I don't know. I also get surprised at just how much other people know. Like, people really know things, things I don't know that they figured out through time and effort. That used to scare me, but recently I think it's kind of wonderful.

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Hello, I am Wistahe!

I'm rather new to using social media, so I'd appreciate any tips. I like programming C and have been trying to create AI programming languages for 5 years, but unfortunately nothing works out so I keep trying over and over and over again. I also like art, especially if it tries to do something new or revives forgotten, but cool ideas. If anyone has anything interesting at all to share that isn't too crazy (except in regards to the marvelous), please tell me!

I finally have combining explicit assumptions done! But now I need to figure out how to combine logic worlds. By having all deductions take place in some world it would allow a system to be extendable because if a programmer finds the current implicit assumptions in the logic system unsatisfactory then a new world can be defined in relation to the old one, expect with different implicit assumptions.

If our programs were ways of reasoning about things, like an advanced development in the logic paradigm, instead of just procedures the most interesting advantage I could think of is the ability to fuse programs over time.

What world are you in when you combine results from different worlds? What semantics should I give that?

me: I should probably go sleep
also me: *watching Where's Waldo speedrun*

You know you're using emacs well when you make a special section in your config/init file for elisp code that you wrote yourself instead of copying(and modifying) code from stackoverflow

Mine's called:
;; `Botched-Elisp'

What is the most oddly specific emoji on the fediverse? I'll start: :blobcatchristmasglowsticks:

Snark about AI researchers again; Strong language 

On data 

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