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I sometimes get surprised at just how much I don't know. I also get surprised at just how much other people know. Like, people really know things, things I don't know that they figured out through time and effort. That used to scare me, but recently I think it's kind of wonderful.

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Hello, I am Wistahe!

I'm rather new to using social media, so I'd appreciate any tips. I like programming C and have been trying to create AI programming languages for 5 years, but unfortunately nothing works out so I keep trying over and over and over again. I also like art, especially if it tries to do something new or revives forgotten, but cool ideas. If anyone has anything interesting at all to share that isn't too crazy (except in regards to the marvelous), please tell me!

I have decided I am leaving social media. There's a lot of things I want to do and I feel using the internet too much has made me out of touch with myself. It was nice talking to a lot of you and I wish you well!

The author of The Martian had a webcomic called Casey and Andy which is one of my favorites. Here's some of my favorite comics from it.

I really like Erlang's Prolog syntax! It's so concise and similar to Prolog which I already know so it's fast to learn.

I decided I no longer want to build everything from the ground up, because there are interesting problems I really want to solve, I'm happy not reinventing the wheel. So I've decided to leverage other people's work, and since I want to write agent systems, I'm learning Erlang!

Hot take: the wiki is pretty close to what the web should have been based on

Guess the context of this quote:
"He told the agent that in America it was absurd to invent a country and proposed the invention of a planet."

I'm getting stronger, in more ways than one.

This morning it became clear that this would be one of those days in which a lot happens. Yay for positive character growth!

After years of wasting away studying, I've gotten back into a regular exercise routine. My mind's clearer, I feel more optimistic about life, and my mental stamina has increased substantially. I didn't seriously consider how important the body is to being happy before, but regular exercise is something everyone should consider!

Please boost :boosts_ok:โ€‹
I'm trying to find a funny video I saw a while ago about a guy filming himself for one second everyday before getting captured by a Russian agent, but then they play Foosball and fall for each other. There's also a chase scene over frozen land in it later too.

Musings on the mind 

One of my mentors believes the best approach to understanding the mind is the biological, the cells, the brain. I believe it's the representational, the protocols, the rules of the game.

Such a person wouldn't physically exist of course, no Circular Ruins type situation. But what would it mean for a person to lack physical existence? Additionally human imagination probably isn't strong or focused enough to hold so many details, so I feel a lot of the more uncomfortable questions about writers have optimistic answers. It's may be good that there are limits to what we can dream.

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Position isn't something that is always defined, but instead a consequence of the wavefunction. If something as fundamental as position isn't a basic certaintly of matter and we are made of pieces of matter which must hold their relative positions to function, then we are abstractions. Is what separates the person from the character in a stage play or novel then simply a matter of description? Could a character be written so thoroughly, so descriptively, as to be as we are?

AMA! Ask me anything! Have any questions about Wistahe lore? Probably not, but now's the time to ask!

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