Portland / Missing Person 

Neighbors asked me to share this. If you don't want to talk to the cops message me and I'll speak to my neighbors directly.

me this morning: "this will just be a quick bugfix patch"
spends all day writing 500 loc PR to fix it

Beg post, help needed 

Hi, I'm in the worst position I have been money wise Inna while. I've been struggling to work and job search at the same time (I work freelance) and just dealing with my mental health. I'm now hlin the overdraft of my account with both my credit cards maxxed (£200 and £500 respectfully) and have took out the last of my savings which was £100.

So I'm basically just running out of money all together and struggling to handle this rn and just thinking about it boggs me down in a deep pit and makes working harder.

Any help towards me paying this off or being able to have money for the month while I try and get back to work would be appreciated. I mostly need to be able to pay for my own transition which I've been doing for 2+ years now.


Honestly ever little helps. Like if everyone who sees this only donated £2 that would be a lot combined. #mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

womens deodorant: hehe :blobblush: women dont sweat :blobkissblush: heres some cotton scented bullshit that does fuck all~~ 💃


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i spend too much time on english internet, now i cant even speak my native language correctly

If there is something that I have learned through family discussions or with other people, it's that staying quiet or being as neutral as possible is the best I can do

should i use pleroma instead of mastodon?

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