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Here's a close up of someone's face from Seinfeld 


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The real reason I should give up on social media is my cat. She's more important than all of this and I just feel like a thorn right now. She represents what we all really want. Another one of my odd statements, but pets are generally superior to humans by far. Every ideal we hold is already there if we could just see it. They don't live forever so cherish them while you can.
Anyway, I'm tired of myself and feeling this way, but maybe I can turn this mood around again.

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I think the LTT challenge really has gotten people to think about:
1. whether we want desktop Linux to be mainstream?
2. where are we falling short on that goal

Might go on hgomad diet since eating a lot is hard, working out is the easy part at least for me

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This Computer Science Education week, it's important to remember that software freedom is a condition for real CS education. Students *must* be allowed to study and share the software they use.

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I know Japanese!

凸 <- RJ45
し <- Fishing hook
ゆ <- Fish
山 <- Galaga ship
ひ <- Someone's mouth while sleeping (snore)
日 <- Wardrobe
回 <- Safe
大 <- Stickman
人 <- Stickman with no arms
木 <- Stickman with long penis
楽 <- Stickman with kabuto helmet and short penis

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web surfing has become all but impossible. nothing links anymore, it's all narcissistic inside linking if anything. i used to surf links across the network, stumbling from one thing to the next, surprises and missteps. now it's all search hubs and feeds rather than networks.

what we use now via the http protocol isn't really the web anymore. there's no web here. it's all silos, standing alone and trying desperately to keep me from leaving. no longer a digital ocean, now small tide pools with no path between, left in the receding wake of the surf.

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Ah Windows corrupting grub even when my Linux ssd isn't plugged in, classic

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