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with a project file gone i might aswell just throw something together

too afraid to tell my parents that im not religious, just because i know im not gonna get my things back if that happens. and if that happens, that's not going to be very cash money..

i dont like the vaporeon name anymore. whatever, im using my last name now, fuck you ireland for this last name

dont have anything, come back tomorrow

why the fuck does this have a sensitive content warning

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i don't have anything to toot so have this image i found on discord

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current buffoonery levels are 96%

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

i hate fonts like this. holy fuck they're so generic and tasteless

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bots are the gimmick accounts of the fediverse

not uncommon that every day i have to get inconvenienced by some non important crap

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