#OtD 7 May 1919 Eva Perón, actor & wife of Argentine pres Juan Perón was born. Whilst seen as heroes of the workers, they admired Hitler and Mussolini, and gave safe haven to thousands of Nazi and Fascist war criminals, while embezzling huge fortunes libcom.org/history/peron-eva-e

for some reason hearing any human eat can make my brain rlly upset and uncomfortable but animal eating noises are cute actually and i like them

apparently this is a common experience,,, i had no idea,,

okay so, i try to learn c, and today i just woke up like "ohh yea i feel like i want to do some for loops i this nice and sunny day" so i try and guess what, i cant, so i was "meh, my tiny brain again" but i keep trying and failing and at some point i just began to cut the weird parts of my 8 code lines and everything still fucked up.
okay normal, i felt some kind of premonition, butt, ok lets try sth else.
i copied a fucking hello world i a text editor i made gcc and IT DOESNT EVEN RUN
i wanna bite someone

Hoy, es día de recordar a Aaron Swartz. Perseguido de forma criminal por tratar de hacer que la información científica fuera libre, se suicidó un día como hoy al ceder a la presión del sistema.

The Western capitalist world admitting that China and Russia might cure cancer and heart problems without their intellectual property monopolism.

qué ganas de tener un paro cardiorespiratorio mientras duermo

@robby @deadNOTsleeping Wow, people on Fosstodon sure share a lot of interests haha
I got my #Moonlander about a month ago and have been trying to get into typing on #Colemak, but have my #QWERTY Board still to come back to if I don't have ten minutes to write an Email 😅
Which #keyswitches did you choose?

descanse em paz amigão, se existir céu pra gatinhos, eu espero q vc tenha ido direto pra lá 🖤 :blobcatsad:

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