It's really frustrating when you see a coworker struggling with anxiety and there's nothing you can do to help. She's just making every mistake possible at work today and it hurts me to correct her (sad it's my job to approve/reject her work)

Suddenly falling back in love with Jamiroquai

@slimfish08 🥺 I know! While it’s great to have a meaningful and fulfilling career, a job shouldn’t become your life.

Also I don’t know how people go to the gym before/after work with this arrangement. I’m too spoiled hahaha

@slimfish08 For real! I end up making up for my lost personal time by staying up really late. It’s really strange how this new department I’m in is so strict with their working hours and mode, given it’s not a service nor a teaching unit… It’s like they don’t trust their researchers and/or see them as a factory workers. Gonna have to start doing my own thing at work I guess ahaha

Setting up my mechanical keyboard at a boring job makes everything a little better with the clickity clackity noises though <333

I’ve been sleeping 3 to (very occasionally) 5 hours and then rushing to the office for 8+ hours of work I’m not interested in. But everybody’s telling me this is the way it’s always been and I was just lucky to have been at a job I absolutely loved (left because of toxic management…)

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4th week of switching to a new job where I have to work at the office, after more than 1.5 years of working from home because of COVID-19 and local protests in Hong Kong… It’s still immensely difficult.

I live on top of a hill that transforms into a semi-waterfall every time it rains, so when it was properly raining as I headed out for work slightly later than usual, I was delighted to see a taxi right outside the building.

Turns out he is anxious about intersections and just stopped for a couple minutes unable to turn out to the Main Street, and didn’t know where he was going in general.

Trip was pricier than it should’ve been and I was still late for work. And I thought I was having a lucky day!!

@slimfish08 hehe hello!! Thanks for the follow and see you around!

Hello I’m new here! I’m Sharon, a linguist, researcher, and nerd in multiple areas from Hong Kong (GMT +8) 🥰 I’m usually active in but would like to have a separate space for my (probably too many) hobbies and interests.

I’m into technology and productivity, photography/videography, philosophy and self-care, art, animals, politics, formula 1, gaming, learning to code, calligraphy, etc. But I’m always picking up new interests and going down random rabbit holes on a daily basis — be my inspiration!

I’ll be tooting mostly about daily thoughts and observations and the above mentioned topics.

Looking forward to meeting to you all 💕

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