you ever learn a song, practice it up to speed, then realize *one* note is wrong and you'll have to relearn that entire section?

a classic additional difficulty to toot construction and consumption

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all the ways that the way i see things is affected by how i think. even when i know the ways my perception will be different from objective reality, in some cases i still can't self correct and view things objectively.

i'm sorry if i'm not making myself clear.

@[email protected] content warnings so ppl who don't want to hear me go off about bias or about my personal life don't have to

bias, personal 

some of y'all just post selfies like it's nothing and i am sooo jealous

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bias, personal 

for most things, it seems like being aware of my own biases is enough to dispel most of the unobjective perception i experience with them. when looking at my own life, even knowing the ways i place my hand on the scale, it's difficult to strip my biases from the way i calculate probability and stuff. looking at faces, especially my own, is the same way. the shapes and colors are fully replaced by the abstractions i put on them

nothing's launching out of vandenberg πŸ’’
next scheduled launch is in march

@BunnyHearted damn it i finally fell down the picrew rabbit hole and it's your fault

kidnapping stats 

hm the dataset i use to talk about child abduction has been de-listed from google. i wonder why. direct link still works, though (mobile site doesn't work).

kidnapping isn't a big enough problem to be putting up fences everywhere btw

i love randomly conscripting people to look at things in the sky. like, hey, you were staring at me anyway for whatever reason, we could are least be looking at a cool plane together.

Wow. #Opera can't make money with its web browser anymore, so it's selling predatory loans to low-income people in Africa and then sending text messages to their contacts when they don't pay. :opera:

It's probably time to uninstall Opera if you use it!

re: poll, food 

@MisterBeret lmao i look forward to my phone buzzing at 8a tomorrow

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