hi! i've been on fedi for almost exactly a year now at @Thuslyandfurthermore
i make electronic music of some description over at m.youtube.com/channel/UCLcelGd
i hope to start rapping soon there as well
i'm an ardent communist and anarchist, though i haven't done as much for the cause as i'd like
i've been homeless for like two and a half years now omg
i really hate the police

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i use lowercase letters bc i think it makes me look cute
i swear a lot bc i think the dissonance bw content and presentation is funny
i'm a lot less shy than i was a year ago
i found out i was a girl like six months ago
i don't have any irl friends
i love everyone
that's it

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@wistahe that's just an emoji that's really big in the web interface, right? me and subway tooter are missing out on stuff!

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