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hi! i've been on fedi for almost exactly a year now at @Thuslyandfurthermore
i make electronic music of some description over at
i hope to start rapping soon there as well
i'm an ardent communist and anarchist, though i haven't done as much for the cause as i'd like
i've been homeless for like two and a half years now omg
i really hate the police

you ever learn a song, practice it up to speed, then realize *one* note is wrong and you'll have to relearn that entire section?

bias, personal 

some of y'all just post selfies like it's nothing and i am sooo jealous

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bias, personal 

for most things, it seems like being aware of my own biases is enough to dispel most of the unobjective perception i experience with them. when looking at my own life, even knowing the ways i place my hand on the scale, it's difficult to strip my biases from the way i calculate probability and stuff. looking at faces, especially my own, is the same way. the shapes and colors are fully replaced by the abstractions i put on them

nothing's launching out of vandenberg πŸ’’
next scheduled launch is in march

kidnapping stats 

hm the dataset i use to talk about child abduction has been de-listed from google. i wonder why. direct link still works, though (mobile site doesn't work).

kidnapping isn't a big enough problem to be putting up fences everywhere btw

i love randomly conscripting people to look at things in the sky. like, hey, you were staring at me anyway for whatever reason, we could are least be looking at a cool plane together.

Wow. #Opera can't make money with its web browser anymore, so it's selling predatory loans to low-income people in Africa and then sending text messages to their contacts when they don't pay. :opera:

It's probably time to uninstall Opera if you use it!

as a transfem person I have infinite respect for transmasc people. Being a dude is hella hard and I'm so proud of you for going with it.

me (trans & bi) and my partner (nb and bi) are homeless and have no food so please donate if you can to:
even just one dollar would help immensely!! love u all πŸ’–

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