The only two lens working in hot weather are the Pentacon and my Sankyo Kohki Komura. Wow, it's touching on 90 degrees here in Maine.

Twitter Feelings 

Twitter suing Elon Musk largely is just trying to not only downplaying losses. But, also a desperation bid to stay above being shown as a Russian asset network of Stalinist's.

Getting back into photography was easy and keeping myself back into it is interesting for the different levels of wild life and zoo's in Maine.

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Three lenses always seems to be my style for photography. Packing a bag with a 50mm SMC Pentax-A (portrait), a Takumar 58mm 28-80mm wide angle, and a Pentacon f2.8 135 MC 55mm is always a good step. It works well and newer work will be on my fickr account. I use a Sakar closeup +8 5 wide angle on the Pentax and get a great portrait and also used it at River Rock 2022 a Christian rock festival. Along with zoo portraits and wild life. I do have longer lenses but a smaller bag.

Wrapped up a busy day of my nieces birthday party. And, just had to settle into some city scapes. Auburn Maine is nice and quiet.

Borderlands 3 Review
It's Borderlands 3 on a review, trying not to be serious, and just having some fun.

Texas Shooting
Joseph Ziehm
We thought after all the school shootings laws would change, thinking it would change loop holes in mental health checks. And, instead we learned how morally bankrupt and void of humanity the NRA is. We’ve seen insanity for the past twenty years. From Alex Jones hoax takes and conspiracy theories. It’s the world we live in now, which is completely void of empathy, and addicted to apathy.

Sun Journal pulled my article and proved their own addictions to apathy.

Looking at doing some photography at River Rock a Christian music festival in Maine. Should be fun though a majority of my work I'm hoping to send over to Portland Press and build up some reputation for covering events.

New footage coming soon, of Borderlands 3, and Resident Evil 2 REmake that makes it a great foot forward in testing out the server. It feels like everything else from Fallout 4 to Killing Floor it's literally just walked over. Along with the remake of Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Busy day today, mowing the lawn, working on pesticide spray for the front yard, and getting the back yard ready for the same treatment tomorrow.

crypto is over. this is the decade of cryptic currency. pay for your groceries with a mumbled prophecy and a cursed stone

Found some glossy high quality photograph papers for 8.5x11 work and 4x6's it's kind of ironic when I'd thought that I'd never be able to afford the gear and the printing materials. Now, I think it's finding my niche, I don't have to work as an inventories analyst, and now it's time for me to grow up and start putting my work out there.

Last night did my end of the week photo round up and put everything to my backup geek stick (thumb drive), sitting on the Borderlands 3 footage, and looking at capturing some retro gaming Fable content.

Found a printer at the local swap shop, took it home, no ink errors, and largely looks to be in great shape. Might be a good thing for my photography to have a mid-level printer a Canon Pixma MG-3120. An easy enough setup, also found a wireless access point for the back yard there, and looking to setup for the weekend and hang up a screen for a projector in the backyard for a movie night in the summer. And, a final note finished a sixteen minute capture of Borderlands 3.
First video on a PeerTube network which this one is my primary on for retro-gaming. Will be adding some videos soon with my favorite co-host Brody.

So, Borderlands 3 has another glitch with Shiv's office. Which is about as trying as the impassable rocks on Mr. Shiv's prison in Borderlands 1 in the Handsome Collection on the Nintendo Switch. If nothing else it proves why Nintendo isn't going to allow Gear Box to release buggy and incomplete games across their platforms.

A profile of Do Kwon, the trash-talking founder of Terraform Labs, which raised $200M+ to build LUNA and UST; many investors avoided losses by cashing out early (New York Times) - New York Times:
A profile of Do Kwon, the trash-talking founder of Terraform Labs, whic... -

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