My watermelon patch is officially dead. None of the plants actually produced any melons, but I managed to keep them alive up until this past week. I'm thinking maybe it was the rain we had that one day washing them out, or maybe it was just their time. I honestly don't know.

Interesting fact

Elephants live in a matriarchal society

The oldest and largest female elephant is the leader of the herd and helps other females in the social group take care of their calf after birth.
Happy #WorldElephantDay

Samburu moran (warrior), Sam, at Ololokwe Mountain. This sacred desert mountain holds cultural significance for the Samburu tribe #Kenya. @Mojgan_Arashvand

I was hoping to buy some Hellcat Maggie, but apparently, the liquor store is out of stock. So I had to settle for Jameson: the basic bitch of Irish whiskeys. I mean it's not bad, but it's not exactly my favorite, either.

Sometimes, I can't help but feel like I'm the one person on the entirety of Mastodon who's not really into programming like everyone else is.

Today, I can officially add chicken to the list of things I have charcoal grilled to perfection this summer.

I bought Stray for PS4, but I haven't gotten around the playing it yet. Sometime this weekend, I'm hoping to give it a try. It looked interesting.

Not going to lie, I wasn't expecting the results to be this evenly matched. I thought for sure one was going to dominate the other.

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That unfortunate moment when you find out your favorite team is such a dumpster fire that free agents actively go out of their way to demand they not be drafted to that team. Man, I really know how to pick 'em. ☹️😩🤯

The best way to grill?

Earlier today, my wife tried one of those exfoliating masks. Basically that green stuff you put on your face for an hour, and it's supposed to exfoliate your pores, and do away with blackheads, and whatnot.

I don't know if the mask worked or not, but for that hour she had to wear it, our dog went absolutely ballistic. 🤣

Getting out of bed wouldn't be so difficult if this dang cat weren't so soft

I wonder what Drowning Pool would sound like in 2022 if their first vocalist hadn't passed away so early on?

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