Never argue with stupid people. They bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Whoever invented Captcha should be shot.

It's right about here where I can't help but notice that Matt Berry is in a lot of TV shows that I really like. That dude really knows how to get around.

I have no idea why NHL TV is blacking out all the Vegas golden knights games. They've been winning like crazy. You'd think they'd want to broadcast a winning team. But here I am, listening to a radio broadcast on my phone on a Saturday afternoon like a dope.

It's at this point when it dawns on me that I may have spent an entire video mispronouncing Marvin Heemeyer's last name. Between that, and the fact I referred to the girl in Eurovision song contest: the story of fire saga as Sylvia instead of seegrid, it's a wonder I have any followers at all. 😅

if youtube is so good why isn't there a youtube 2?

on the internet you're like
"ugh dont you hate it when youre washing a spoon and the water sprays in your face"
and everybody's like "haha yeah i relate to that, happened to me yesterday lol"
but there's one person who's like "actually... Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face, that is kind of my entire world... it means so much to me... and i wouldnt be here today with without it... the truth is that Spoon Accidentally Spray In Face got me through some tough times... got me through high school..."

weed law loophole 

Apparently in Maine, their legalization rollout is in that awkward phase where it's legal to own weed, but not to sell it. So there are people who work as "psychics" who will locate your lost weed for a fee.

My review of the documentary Tread is up and available for your viewing pleasure.

Hey devs, please use semantic html. This is important!

When listing things, use ul/li! When writing things, use p! When adding navigation, use nav! When putting the main part of your website inside a div, use main! Please use h1, h2, h3 for your titles! Don't use table for layout, they are for data!

Screen readers users have shortcuts to jump to all those parts of your website instead of reading it from top to bottom. But it only works with semantic html. So please help them! :tealheart:

Moments like this, where I'm gathering supplemental material for a retro review of sorts, I find myself wondering out loud: "why do people like Aeon Flux again?"

**Malignant cancer diagnosed in a dinosaur for the first time**

"New research has led to the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive malignant bone cancer -- an osteosarcoma -- for the first time ever in a dinosaur. No malignant cancers (tumous that can spread throughout the body and have severe health implications) have ever been documented in dinosaurs pre…"

#science #news #bot

Dallas Stars lose to the Vegas golden knights. Somebody owes me twenty bucks tomorrow.

So... Any of you fedeverse guys checking out the NHL playoffs?

I myself am listening to the rangers play the hurricanes right now. mostly waiting for the golden knights vs Stars game later tonight.

My wife found out you can buy a hockey mask and an ax in the new animal crossing, and suddenly, all the bad idea started flooding in.

**Researchers discover stem cells in optic nerve that preserve vision**

"Researchers have for the first time identified stem cells in the region of the optic nerve, which transmits signals from the eye to the brain. The finding presents a new theory on why the most common form of glaucoma may develop and provides potential to treat a leading cause of blindness."

#science #news #bot

My wife and I found ourselves coming up with an idea for a metal hero show where the hero is our Boshuahua. I haven't decided if he starts out as a dog, but transforms into a fully armored humanoid dog person and kickss ass, or if he stays a dog but ends up with a metal hero costume, and spends all his time nipping at the bad guy's ankles and barking at him. The latter seems funnier. I might go with that. 🤣

So... Did you know there are THREE Darkman movies? Three! I didn't even know there was a second movie, let alone a third.

I wonder if 2 and 3 are any good? My gut says no, but I'm probably going to do it anyway, because I'm fucking stupid like that.

This week, I cashed in one of my "late to the party" credits, and decided to review Eurovision song contest: the story of fire saga.

The worst thing about 21st century internet culture? The fact that two generations of people have been conditioned to refer to everything they do as "content".

Are you a writer? An artist? A photographer? A film maker? A blogger? It no longer matters. You're a content creator and something something monetisation.

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