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for those wondering about the gay agenda:

my goal is to be the most gay there ever was and unleash the gay upon the unsuspecting populous

so it's definitely something to look out for .

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what is up boomers, xoomers, yoomers, and zooomers ?

Meta, Fediblock 

This shouldn't be necessary to point out, but don't take the :fediBlock:​ tag at face value. As admins/mods it's your responsibility to at least know why certain instances are being mass blocked, and sometimes this is not being documented.

If you report to the tag, you're need to offer details what the offending instance has done, and if it's just a few users or an instance wide issue.

Moderating this sort of thing takes a lot of spoons, and if you don't offer any information it just forces anyone serious to have to verify the claims. And it sucks. A lot.

i don't remember how i talked my landlord into letting me throw out all the network equipment (old junk the electrician happened to have around and threw in there) and making a network like this, but somehow i did:

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $35 for my phone bill and like $60-ish for medical weed

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


coffee, selfie, eye contact, boosts ok 

doing hot enby shit (drinking a normal person amount of coffee)

This seems cool, and I like the idea of the term 'Ethical Source' for the movement that is trying to address the social/ethical/etc. failures of Open Source.

#Firefox vs #Chrome market share. Ouch.

With the news that Google are removing the ability for Chromium to use Sync, check out Firefox for a good open source alternative.

I'm so so so tired...

Anyway, here's a cute photo I found.

Open for nice words if you need them 

You deserve happiness. No matter when your brain or anyone else tells you. You deserve it.

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