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#GoodNews #news : Anonymous Donor Pays Off Student Debt for Entire 2022 College Class in Texas.
The estimated total owed by the class of 2022 in the historically Black college was $300,000.

We are stepping up Europe's energy security and independence.

Today, we present the #REPowerEU Plan to rapidly reduce our dependence on Russian fossil fuels, and fast forward the green transition.

How do we plan to achieve it? ⬇️

Kenneth - my idiot Siamese cat #catsofmastoton Since having a skin disease a few years ago he changes very little in the way of colour through the year.

OMW to A&E.

I have no fcking business being near power tools.

None. At. All.

Toxic masculinity is essentially the manhood police, dudes going around telling other dudes they aren't dude enough to be a dude. What a strange thing dude.

“Rising energy bills are just God’s way of telling us to burn more Tories”

Caterday. I had two little kittens who my Husky Ruby raised, Scout and Gem.

The tweet I was tagged in was in response to a question as to why the majority of big accounts talking about autism are men.

That's because people tend not to listen to/amplify/respect non male writers on most topics.

Around autism, if you aren't a bloke presenting in stereotypical fashion you're likely to have been missed in dx.

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