Thanks Samsung. Obviously my phone was so fast that it needed to be slowed down by even more unnecessary bloatware ☹️

@mxclick the first time I heard the expression "madder than a box of frogs" my mind immediately went "who the f*** discovered that..."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

That's us fucked then, isn't it?

Religion, an opinion on... 

Justin Welby has, once and for all, buried the Anglican Christian church, in the view of modern man and woman by declaring gay sex to be a sin.

This Tory leadership campaign has been a farce. We've seen them make more u-turns than the Dukes of Hazard 🤨

So when a human being suddenly reaches down for my dog who responds by barking, the dog is apparently the naughty one for scaring the human?

Ironically the woman said she's just lost her dog of 14 years. Clearly she doesn't know dog etiquette.

Well, forget Brexit and freeing ourselves from the supposed shackles of the EUCHR. The UN has just thrown a spanner in the government's works with an injunction against turning off Archie Battersbee's life support.

Watch this space...

I want a windfall tax. Why should Shell and Centrica make money off our backs???

So the proposed tax cuts are going to save me £160 when my fuel bill could rise to £4000 next year, from about £1000 last year. Whoopie 🤣

Fuck off Rishi.

@aworldinpages it's an ongoing project. I probably come across as OCD with all the attention to detail 🙁

@trebach @stux The grey car was trying to make progress along the road but, as you say, all the silver car thought was "I need..."

Enough said.

@stux I try(I really do try) to reserve my profanity for the most extreme cases. I have to ask though, on this occasion, just WHAT THE FUCK is the driver of the silver car doing??? Was that arrogance, selfishness or piss poor planning???

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