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Jess Phillips on Sky News is bang on the mark.

The sense of entitlement in parliament, and particularly within the Conservative Party, breeds an environment where power, and the quest to achieve it, leads to indiscretions and moral lapses that devalue an ancient and important body and reduces the practicioners of politics to nothing more than game show hosts in our eyes. Thanks to Sting for that last observation.

This post contains expletives, with regard to the Tory party. 

God, I fucking hate Tory politicians. Lying fucking wankers.

If you've watched 'Dictators Rulebook' you'll have a good idea of what Benito Johnson thought his plan looked like. It may still look like that if the public act like sheep.

The best thing about the idea of Boris losing this VoNC is... 

...witnessing Nadine get the sack within a few days.

Oh, and going for a celebratory wank, of course 😁


Boris and Carrie can fuck off. End of transmission.


Nice to see Clough's Forest back in the premiership after god knows how many years. It all adds to the flavour 👍

Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

My daughter is loving my culinary skills coming back out in the last couple of months. Tonight's offering...

Baba Ghanoush and Zukini suva ki subzi served with naan.

this is my favorite texan snack. bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and grilled

America has allowed the hallowed NRA to bastardise the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

A state militia is allowed to bear arms to protect the state against the influence of a federal government.

Private citizens should not be allowed to bear arms.

It's not complicated.

Excited to be on a social media platform that doesn't sell my data or censor my posts

"You should be rejecting fossil fuel companies and protecting the planet. You should be insulating homes. All you do is give out plasters - we need a real solution, we need a #GreenNewDeal"

Brilliant action by @GNDRising! 👏👏👏

#costofliving #ClimateCrisis
RT @GNDRising: Tonight, we disrupted a Treasury event in Westminster to demand immediate action on the cost-of-living scandal.

Because as millions go hungry, the energy price…



"Im sick and tired of hearing about it" basically translates as "I'm sick and tired of having my conscience pricked because I broke the law too."

This careful avoidance of a very simple question on Kremlin-linked trolling in #Brexit referendum speaks volumes

Why not just reply to say they haven't seen any form of Kremlin-linked interference or trolling in EU ref? Presumably because that's not true & Govt is covering up


Hello again. I've moved. I used to be on, but now I'm here. Sorry for the new follow requests, invite-only folks.

My new toot screen opens with the words "What's happening?" That's exactly the thought in my head. 144 mass shootings in the US so far this year. 27 of those have been in schools. 19 primary school children murdered in Texas this time. This is tragic.

so, have another older rainy drawing. my hand starts aching when looking at the leaves and butterfly orz..

#MastoArt #fediart #art #procreate

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