For me it wasn't handling music metadata properly and wasn't downloading album cover arts when I tried it, so I haven't used it since

I don't really see what problem Web 3.0 solves. We already had a decentralized web and it was Web 1.0 when there was no huge websites like Facebook and YouTube and people would actually visit other pages instead of visiting a few very popular websites, websites were static and information was mostly in text format, so it was easily serachable and indexable. Also Web 1.0 wasn't destroying our planet by burning up tons of electricity just to basically update an entry in a database

Reverse engineering programs is a great way to learn how things work on lower levels

One time I accidentally overwrote the beginning of my hard-drive and spent half of the night trying to recover one important file using hex editor, because file recovery programs wouldn't work. :D

Finally OpenBSD's httpd supports custom error pages!

For about a year I thought that my optical drive is broken, because I tried to dd Audio CD discs and it errored out, today I finally found out that you cant't read Audio CDs in block mode and my drive is in fact perfectly fine. I always assumed that you can image any optical disc using dd, because I backed up some DVDs with it, but turns out that doesn't work for CDDA discs :D

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