i have moments where i really like guys or girls never both at the same time xccc

I need irl friends with hobbies other than valorant

I'm not a developer but I am developing feelings for you 😳

Sometimes it really do be feeling like I'm the only leftist weeb online :blobcatcry2:

The OBS-Studio people aired some dirty laundry this morning about how Streamlabs asked them for permission to just call their fork "SLOBS", got asked not to, and did it anyway then cut all contact with OBS-Studio when they tried to work out a way to divide the trademark more.

The thread is filled with people, including some huge long-time streamers, who are shocked SLOBS doesn't come straight from the OBS-Studio project and Streamlabs does nothing to dispel that misconception when contacted for support.

I always know on some level SL were dirtbags :/
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