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wait what the actual fuck? can you develop a coffin allergy later in life? this is so surreal.

I just want to install filelight, why can't I seem to just find an EXE?

hay you know that thing were every time you get a notification it slides down from the top of the screen and you have to shoo it away or wait for it to leave if you were trying to use that bit of the screen? yah that's really annoying I wish I knew how to turn that off.

podcasts were a lot better before cereal ruined it for everyone. "oooh but tasty how are people supposed to provide you free podcasts without getting their beaks wet? don't you like all the extra podcasts that exist now that they can make money off of adds?". yah how about no, there aren't any new podcasts for me to listen to there are actually less, because every podcast with adds is bad. I was listening to podcasts for years before all this shit turned up.

trying not to go out of my mind listening to an advert for some corporate hell company unironically trying to attract people with the line "staff no longer want grueling unsociable working hours" like fuck you you sole less fucking vampire nobody on earth asked for any of the hell you and your scum companions created.

half of the reason I even use steam is that its by definition DRM so games didn't have any excuse to include more fucking DRM. I guess its my fault for not considering that there being no practical reason to do a thing and it also being a bad idea would never stop anyone from doing anything. humans need to go extinct like now.

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I don't like that there are apparently just no games anymore that don't require you to stack two accounts on top of each other then install a chain of malware I am sorry "DRM" before you even get to be disappointed by how little effort was put into anything but the monetization.

it only just occurred to me that I can just plug the AUX out of my PC into my base speaker and use it as... as a speaker.

I really love like a lot, probably more then I can actually justify rationally but you know what? no I will never write anything in GD script. its just deeply unappealing to me.

this take is at room tempreture at every point in the known universe 

imperial is a bad system of measurement and there is no way you can make me use it.

"3 feet display port cable" the listing reads. you don't know what this means, you have never seen a cable with any feet.

scene: you have a new bottle of moisturizer, the push spout isn't working. you begin pumping it faster and faster hoping something will happen when suddenly and with a triumphant "pthbleh" it shoots moisturizer all down your front.

I just saw a dog pee by raising both of their back legs and then just stood there peeing. matrix is honestly getting really sloppy at this point.

steams new download page is certified sexy. I am the sexy inspector I can certify this.

"honestly I am a reasonable person, the fact I disappear up my ass while spouting nonsense that could pass for absurdist art the second I am asked to rationalize the massive glaring flaws in my world view."

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I hate everyone that genuinely believes in their hearts that "capitalism is a good system and means you own the profits of your labour" because without fail, every single time they will in the same breath claim that billionaires taking the profits of all their workers labour is good and correct because all of those workers "voluntarily agreed" to the terms of their employment.

IDK lewd 

there is no way I can hear the line from square hammer as anything other then "you cum on me" and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

I can't leave my phone on auto adjust brightness anymore. it keeps deciding at random that I don't actually need back light even when I definitely do.

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