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also the doctor complemented the lineage of my sir name then joked about not knowing how my ancestors avoided getting chopped. honestly neither bro.

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acquired one vaxxx dose: "with the completion of the duo a shimmering bubble form around you. you aren't sure it will stop anything larger then a virus but protection is protection"

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like theoretically it would break brute force attacks to some extent. my only hang up is that I think one archive might make another less secure.

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can I make an encrypted archive that unlocks two different archives with two different passwords? wondering if adding doop shoots to an archive would make more or less secure.

corporate software that claims to be secure always really confuses me, like... secure from what hun? if someone asks you are just going to hand my data over. the only way it could actually be secure is if you didn't collect any information at all, and you were never going to do that because snooping through data is haw you make money.

I want to use proton mail as my main calendar but right now proton mail can only share event links not subscribe to them. creating the weird situation that two people that use proton mail can't share calendar events. that's like a hard anti network effect mechanic.

watching green rhetoric being snatched up by corporations to sell not doing anything about the environment because "it's your personal responsibility now, not mine" feels a lot like watching a pet die.

what happens if you are cringe but your also intentionally doing cringe? does it cancel all the cringe or just the intentional cringe?

I cant wrap my head around the fact that Microsoft with all their resources cant skin a while OS but one nerd with a computer can.

sitting here wondering what Google (the corporate entity, here personified as a pile of piles of gold) makes of me repeatedly uninstalling then reinstalling the same app over and over. the cycles are getting pretty tight at this point I can uninstall Reddit twice sometimes three times a day on a good day. it's honestly something of a problem.

the other host even had to come in like "bro rick fucked a planet, what the fuck are you on about".

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gods all I wanted was to listen to a rick and morty podcast why do hets have to ruin everything with subtextual homophobia. oh yah totally there is nothing gay about platonic male love fuck you and the pederast you road in on.

I have the problem narrowed down to "Images on the SD card are not immediately accessable but videos are" and honestly I am just more confused now.

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why** frick why do I only notice spelling errors after someone interacts with a post?

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I finally checked and my is windows still trying pathetically hard to be mac? why do companies do this? it's such a waste.

wow ok android 10 is bad with SD cards in a way I didn't really think was possible. if I format it as internal it breaks telegram and if I format it as external it takes a good couple minutes before any of my apps can see any images I save their. does anyone know why that happens? it's super frustrating and at this point I would really just like to know why.

I always forget how much better I feel after treating myself to some self care.

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