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Google earth VR is pretty cool. I don't like the street view mode as much as flying over the miniature world looking for places I know but it's nice to be able to dive down in a way.

ok but an object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by another force means everything is technically a perpetual motion machine. its just not possible to generate "free" energy, all energy needs to come from some were else IN THE UNIVERSE SIZED PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE.

discussing homophobia 

what do secular homophobes look like? I just realized I don't have an off hand model. aggressively masculine dude bros? the incells? neither of those feel cleanly secular.

high concept: reality show built around setting up honey pots for dirty cops, hidden cameras in perfect places to capture planted drugs, etc. final episode of every season could be a clip show of the cops face in cort when the guilty verdict is handed down.

I am so upset, the countdown timer I was looking for has apparently disappeared from the play store and been replaced with a trash ware clone under the same name. why is the androids app eco system so trash, there are no utility apps anymore.

if anyone has information that could lead to the safe return of the final count down app I would be grateful

if anyone has any idea how I can find the part number for this part I would be over the moon. it's from a colido d1315. but from what I can tell the same company made another printer with the same name.

thought: "I want to play video games"

action required: install -> fill in registration form -> verify email -> merge any existing accounts that now overlap -> wait for post installation installation to complete -> demonstrate understanding of monetized mechanics -> close 15 event adds

I am so angry, why does android not have a battery widget that shows your headphone battery. its so simple why is it so hard? even apple manged it AND THEY STOLE THE IDEA FROM YOU ANDROID.

person a: "the right is generally verifiable wrong on material issues"

person b: "the right can't be wrong in general because they have objective morality, something the left doesn't believe in"

I know most rhetoric the right uses is directly intended to subtly gas light you but gods does it work. is there actually any point in human life existing on this planet if this is what it consists of?

can windows even really be considered a real operating system if it can't even preserve window focus when unlocking the screen saver. I mean really.

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