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also I want to talk about how HL: A was the first time valve actually made a model for Gordon. HL: 2 only had a grey silhouette and I am pretty sure HL: 1 just didn't have anything if you forced the camera into third person with console commands.

applying for jobs and trying not to die inside when the people you are applying to work for can't even organize a list of universities alphabetically.

ok... โ‚’โ‚– โ‚’โ‚– โ‚’โ‚–... I have no idea how to feel about /e/OS. on one hand that is really tempting but on the other who is /e/ and why would I trust them? what about their walled garden is so cool? is it a walled garden? am I reading this wrong?

my whole life when I entered "blender" in a search engine what I wanted was information about the open source animation software but what I got was pictures of blenders. today I type blender into a search engine looking for pictures of blenders and it gives me information about the open source animation software. is this hell?

I have decided I am going to start a one man banned called "oh boi noodles" that's exclusively me noodling nonsense on a verity of instruments.

แต—แถฆแถœแต แต—แถฆแถœแต แต—แถฆแถœแต แต—แถฆแถœแต

I don't think companies should be able to advertise fiber optic broad band if they aren't running a cable directly to your house.

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