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My university wants a digital signature on some of my submissions and I don't know what that is or were I get one but it sounds made up.

Searching just turns up pages of adds, I hate how much of an insult to itself the internet has become.

Preferably with an animation of the cards burning, then maybe print out a receipt for exactly how much "money" I burned. Because frankly I find the idea that they hold value insulting.

I have no idea when but at some point steam added a thing were you can turn cards into gems? And just like everything valve do these days it's awful.

Converting 1 card into n gems takes 3 clicks (once when you press the button and 2 more times to clear the pointless pop up boxes all in awful awful slow awful JavaScript). There is no way to convert cards on mass.

I'm holding out hope for a "push all my imaginary cards into a pile and set them on fire" button.

JK rolling, antisemitism 

IDK if this is a hot take 

In a couple years time @Hbomberguy โ€˜s feed is going to be 100% posts about how he wishes he posted on mastodon more.

No but really I am just happy to know that account isn't abandoned.

I haven't seen the new starwars but I am talking about it anyway 

swares, windows 

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