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My university wants a digital signature on some of my submissions and I don't know what that is or were I get one but it sounds made up.

Searching just turns up pages of adds, I hate how much of an insult to itself the internet has become.

Preferably with an animation of the cards burning, then maybe print out a receipt for exactly how much "money" I burned. Because frankly I find the idea that they hold value insulting.

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I have no idea when but at some point steam added a thing were you can turn cards into gems? And just like everything valve do these days it's awful.

Converting 1 card into n gems takes 3 clicks (once when you press the button and 2 more times to clear the pointless pop up boxes all in awful awful slow awful JavaScript). There is no way to convert cards on mass.

I'm holding out hope for a "push all my imaginary cards into a pile and set them on fire" button.

JK rolling, antisemitism 

My sister is in full "if you think Harry Potter has any antisemitism in it your the real antisemite" and I'm just like... right...

IDK if this is a hot take 

"Stolen" in terms of information means next to nothing because nobody can own information. It just doesn't work like that.

In a couple years time @Hbomberguy โ€˜s feed is going to be 100% posts about how he wishes he posted on mastodon more.

No but really I am just happy to know that account isn't abandoned.

I haven't seen the new starwars but I am talking about it anyway 

Honestly rin being the Emperor's daughter is so so much less intresting then her parents just being no one in particular.

swares, windows 

I literally only just noticed the windows dark theme and I gotta say. to little to late, I am glad its there and I have it enabled it just should have been there 10 fucking years ago.

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