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@kettlevoid I have always been natural event level patient so I am not sure I would notice if I got less patient unless I suddenly got a whole load less patient quickly maybe.

IDK I feel bad harshing anyone else for how they spend their time especially now. It just doesn't amaze me anymore, you know?

Weird downside of lockdown is I have completely lost all ability to be surprised or impressed with things that take a lot of time.

Like... Oh... So that's what you have been doing over lockdown. Neat.

Eye contact, the worst clothing I wish, super low resolution meat actually. but you are totally right it would be.

Eye contact, the worst clothing 

One time years ago my dad thought this would be a funny gift. I wasn't really vegetarian at that point so it wasn't quite awful enough to wear ironically but it was awful enough to stuff in the back of my closet and never think about. Until today.

I refreshed an order tracker page and it switched from a check list that basically amounted to "IDK some time today" to a map all "surprise, we are right outside your house!"

I am looking at the proton mail price chart and for some reason it's really funny to me that tier 3 lets you have up to 5000 users but tier 4 only lets you have 6.

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