MrWhostheboss out here shinning a little on the shoe shopper to nike stan pipe line.

alarm set for 11:11. toast notification "alarm set for 11 hours from now". baseline drops.

deterministic in principle but not in practice. feels like my mantra.

things that are nice: soft drinks, chocolate, tea, chewing gum, energy drinks.
Things I can’t have anymore: see previous list.

even hot chocolate I am honestly going to cry.

Companies that advertise “data rollover” like it’s a feature make me really nervus. For one I already paid for that what do you mean there is a chance it will just disappear a month from now? They still don’t even let you keep what you paid for because data roll over actually means “if you pay us for more, we will let you keep some of what you already paid for”. Capitalism was a shitty system before it was pushed passed every logical exception.

@ramar there are themes you can get to through the same preferences menu.

@ramar do you mean the header image? its under preferences on desktop but IDK if you are using an app.

Crypto currency is an MLM and there is nothing anyone can do to convince me otherwise. like all of it, even the jokes like doge coin got sucked into the scam.

@mastodon sleep is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. I bet it will be worked out in the morning.

@mastodon that's a shame, could always do the english thing and just appropriate words. steal they unless it conflics with something else. also someone responded! so my messages are going though, maybe your service provider? can you boot a VPN?

@mastodon I knooooooow, I hear a couple langs don't. really makes me wonder what all could be done about that for NB folx but also don't want to overstep as a non german speaker.

@mastodon mine is for sure not downloading media so something is fucky that's for sure. no idea what though.

@mastodon I can't actually tell because nobody is responding either but its syncing messages between my desktop client and phone.

I don't know why I thought Isaac Arthur would have anything intelligent to say about hypothetical moneyless future society. he really gets lost in the weeds working out his personal bug bears with star trek and debate me bro bullshit like conflating sentimental positions with consumerism.

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