every time I see the lets call it core of the LGBT community shit on other members of the LGBT community for not being "real" or "stealing words" I can't help but put my head in my hands.

I needed a cycle map database so I install a couple apps to see what is available and every single one wants me to either create an account or use a single sign on service to log in. I hate using software, I hate what greed did to something I used to be so excited for and I hate understand enough of how it all works to know it never had to be this way. there is no reason for any of it.

accidentally lude 

looking at chokers and giggling to myself because a lot of there are actually just ring gags. like hearts I kinda get but when it's just a ring?

huh I got access to an e scooter, they are pretty rad honestly. IDK I thought they were dorky before I tried one now I guess I am a dork.

IDK I might buy the steam switch except I already have a switch and am very happy with it, also those track pads on the front make me very nervous. actually pretty much all of the control layout makes me kinda nervous. having been regularly using valve software and hardware for years now also isn't filling me with confidence. IDK it's a cool idea I just can't seem to sit thinking about it for any length of time without reminding myself it's basically unappealing.

sexy sperm queen, burrowing horse people. is the joke that non of this was set up or am I just missing what any of this is supposed to be a reference to.

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I want to use a password entropy calculator but a random website that wants your password just reads like a trap to me. like that reflex is just hard wired now.

for whatever reason I always just bounce off "other worlds you can enter in dreams" as a trope and I choose to believe it's because my dreams are generally awful and I don't want to think about them actually maybe being real in any context. but that might also mean I literally find the concept to frightening to think about and it's actually a really effective horror trope.

@nekomata its 100% not a design issue yet and unless I understand wrong I think the final goal is to have accessing the network require running your own note / portal its just a red flag for me because I have seen to many optimistic projects build out stop gap solutions like that but then double down on the stop gap instead of delivering the original design.

like I worry that the computational requirements of running a node will push end users towards just using portals while nodes get turned into servers with extra steps, which they are kinda doing anyway with the paid hosting services. might pull the whole project away from being a distributed project to a decentralized project which would be disappointing.


also reddit keeps trying to serve me truescum posts when I am looking for general trans stuff and they are all about how they feel "pushed out of the LGBT community" like their whole deal isn't that other people should be pushed out of the LGBT community.

honestly one of my favourite part of not really eating animal products are the existential crisis I get into when I poor oat milk on my porridge or the fake chicken in my chicken mushroom pie is also mushroom. like it's a mushroom mushroom pie with airs.

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