@kettlevoid ok come with me on this journey. a virtual desktop is like a desktop... but virtual :_gaysparkle:โ€‹

its a VR thing were you pass your desktop... like the windows shell displayed on your monitor into a virtual space. a lot of the time its a debug feature for changing settings outside VR with out leaving VR but it can also be about the aesthetic.

living in the UK is starting to feel like being trapped in an incredibly shitty old age home. I still have some youth left I don't want to spend it watching other people die and thinking about how I am eventually going to look like that.

OK but can we talk about how nvidia being dicks is probably going to be good for free software in the future?

like they effectively just put a bounty on high performance unofficial nvidia drivers.

I woke up and was doom scrolling Reddit. there was a post basically along the lines of "if dead naming is bad? Why is it ok to dig up old offensive tweets?" And I just can't with that website right now. Those two things don't even begin to relate to one another.

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