@theotheroracle congrats the machine turns out to be ancient and maybe in another dimension. trusting shed man got a lot of people killed but you might be one of the people to make it through his magic portal to live a few more days before the monsters move on to the world you fled to.

also it turns out this is the 4th book in a series, IDK how I keep doing that.

quick: your world is being invaded by eldritch monsters and your one hope is this random on an island guarding a machine in a shed that they say "creates exact magnetic fields".

do you trust them?

@gxtony honestly no I was just messing around with freeCAD. but you are right it does look like a kerbal. my first thought was a frog / fish maybe.

@dreamwebspace that's a really good point. part of me worries I don't pay remotely enough attention to the world around me to remember anything useful but on the other hand I could be the person that made flappy bird.

@retiredguru I got my smart watch for the automatic walk tracking but turned on continues HR tracking out of curiosity. it's weirdly useful information I can recommend it.

@aetios from what I can tell it's a virtualized browser instance rendering the page then sending it to your client. they seem to want to use it for secure internal pages to be distributed to home workers but they were also hyping it as a security solution for researchers.

slaps more of VPN security theater as business model to me then a workable solution but I have been wrong before.

so I got a notification asking me if I wanted to re subscribe to a free trial I had cancelled like 2 weeks in a day or two before they would have charged me for the first time. like predatory free trials have officially graduated to begging when you walk directly around their bullshit.

lewd / masks 

I don't understand what everyone is so upset about, breathing through a mask isn't any harder then breathing around a gag.

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