For some reason scarlet notes doesn't show up anywhere when I search for note apps despite it being miles better then any of the alternatives. What's the deal with that?

Does anyone else get 4 copies of everything they download from the app? Its honestly pretty frustrating and does it on every phone I have tried.

@retiredguru IDK are you trying to tell me aliens aren't breaking into my cupboard and swapping actually useful cables out with ones I don't need? because I find that very hard to believe.

@retiredguru I have literally bottomless boxes of cables half of which I am pretty sure I don't even have the corresponding plug for. at some point I am going to need to tidy up my previews attempt at tidying up which is maybe why I haven't gotten around to it yet.

found the cable I was looking for though :)

Aaaaaaay the only shop in my town that sells micro SD cards is the news agent / lock smith. What and or why? I mean I am happy I have one now but why is that the only shop that caries them?

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