I got some toffees at the shop that were assorted flavors. It turned out the assorted flavors they mean are alcohol flavors like rum and bourbon. They were just in the regular sweet section with all the other sweets targeted at children. This country has such a drinking problem it's actually unreal.

Sitting thinking about how before the pandemic universities un ironically told me they were not aloud to give out hand outs or recordings of the lectures because that would be "cheating" then during the pandemic were forced to provide everyone digital copies of everything. I know the experience of the pandemic was bad for everyone but I can't help but be green with envy that other people got access to vods of all their university lectures.

Is there a search engine that just de lists any website that has a "give us permission to stalk you" box? It's really getting on my nerves today.

@mattmadness also useful information. thank you for the sweet treat tip ✨

@mattmadness off brand coco pops, chocolate flavored biscuits and muffins, a lot of Cadbury chocolate honestly.

basically that stuff that's just kind of cheap enough to not use actual cocoa.

huh lizards are also not supposed to eat chocolate. weird so I could be any number of pets. I am probably a lizard though.

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this adds so much fuel to my theory that synthetic alternatives of the same quality as the original arrant just equivalent they are probably better.

fake chocolate allowed me to trick myself into believing chocolate wasn't poison to me.

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my brain is exploding because I only just realized I am allergic to Cocoa but didn't notice before now because a majority of the "chocolate" things I eat are actually just chocolate flavored. like wholly synthetic flavor agent. so I would get a reaction from *some* chocolate but not be able to establish a pasterns because other chocolate was safe.


Oh my deep and terrible gods I think this Christian Lady on the train is trying to engage a group of drunk men about why they do or do not believe in her God and it just keeps happening.

It turned out I did! I got a butterfly! I forgot to get picture before it got all bloody and wrapped in plastic.

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most things I really need to know I look up in the moment, doesn't make a whole load of sense to me to store a bunch of trivia in my head. that's were I store my personality!

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its a grate shame to me that I am a tech person that maintains all my own stuff and knows how computers work but still doesn't really know the difference between a GB and a GiB and I am not even sure if the distinction matters.

Makes me want to write a speculative SciFi book about a hypothetical near future were people need to live in hermetically sealed houses and walk around in hazmat suites. If they don't extreme allergy symptoms persistent all year round and in the spring it produces chemical burns.

Doesn't effect animals though, only humans. I want to imagine apocalypses and dystopias that don't revolve around humans having already destroyed everything. I want earth to fight back.

Family is out picking strawberries I think? I wish I could go but the air is still full of burning pollen.

I sometimes think about the journey that had to happen for things to go from "the revolution will be televised!" to "the revolution will not be televised!".

@koyuchan that is one of my favorite telegram features. I sometimes start typing something on my phone then finish typing it from my computer.

It sucks that a bunch of people I try getting on telegram just say "nah Russia boo!".

Settings menus that take longer to load when connected to the internet really frustrate me. Like is there a better example of corporations turning the internet into a mistake then not being aloud to run searches on data stored on the device without it polling a server and making the whole experience worse? Why does every phone I have used recently do this? Whose idea was this? What possible function can in serve?

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