OK but VR game were you build weapons out of parts in the environment that degrade as they are used.

main gameplay loop: rebuilding weapon under combat from inventory and environment.

so a friend of mine has these like delivery robots on her campus and this thought has been looping in my head since she sent me footage.

"creates, but they run away when you try smashing them"

cute trick I found in because the texture scaling always bugged me. if you set the "material.mainTextureScale" to a "Vector2" of the local scale multiplied by a base scale unit you can create an instance of that material scaled correctly and tiled.

gives you errors about material leaks though. still looking at how to fix that without using "sharedMaterial" because I don't want to edit the basic material.

Has anyone ever tried testing/ building levels by just running a bunch of bots through them until they hit a minimum statistical survivability?


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