if anyone has any idea how I can find the part number for this part I would be over the moon. it's from a colido d1315. but from what I can tell the same company made another printer with the same name.

I am going to be fixing this today while avoiding drunk matcho africanas. today is going to suck, at least I can bail.

I saw this at the shop and couldn't resist it, it's such a dorky looking plant.

Eye contact, the worst clothing 

One time years ago my dad thought this would be a funny gift. I wasn't really vegetarian at that point so it wasn't quite awful enough to wear ironically but it was awful enough to stuff in the back of my closet and never think about. Until today.

vape stuff 

so I picked up this tank on a whim and it turns out that it has a little lock inside so you can separate the atomiser and the tank. hopefully that means this will leak less then my current tank.

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