I don't even know why I am posting about this it's probably going to be fixed soon and it's not like the toots are actually out of order but like... why and or how?

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I now have a little bag of batteries, word of warning for anyone else that wants to harvest lil batteries from discarded vapes. they might not be fully discharged, I now also have burns on my fingers. please be careful.

I didn't really believe anyone when they told me but these disposable vapes do actually have little lithium batteries in them. OMFG that is such a bad use of lithium.

got my straight edge tag and I can't hear out of one ear. I think that's a positive evening?

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I did fake stick on nails for the first time, only messed them up a little and my deepest darkest gods they make so many things so much harder. not stopping me but dang, I don't have remotely enough pad on my fingers.

UK driving tests suck so much ass I can't underline this enough. you are only aloud to make 7 "mistakes" and they throw bullshit like this at you. none of these answers are correct.

these posts fit so perfectly together I didn't realize they were not the same post at first.

and the print failed, support material detached from bed. still at least I can test the mechanism works.

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if anyone has any idea how I can find the part number for this part I would be over the moon. it's from a colido d1315. but from what I can tell the same company made another printer with the same name.

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