every time I use python I end up frustrated that it wont let me just specify things but is also aggravatingly picky about what types it will allow to do what. it doesn't work both ways, making programming languages more accessible just makes them less useful. GDSCRIPT, still manages to be the only exception to that rule some how.

I am going back to my cleanly typed languages that don't ask me to guess what data type is being returned or dig through 3 different versions of the documentation to find what type a function returns for no good reason.


all I am trying to do is draw gradients to a canvas but the math lib returns the wrong data type for the image processing lib so I have to wrap every function in a conversation and map from a very specific float class only used in this math lib to an int because apparently just dropping the bits I don't care about is just to informal for fucking python. why do you have to be like this python?

@tastytentacles no point in questioning python. just accept that its complete trash.

@LordMZTE I ran away to rust and directly into whatever a unsatisfied bound trait is.

@tastytentacles a trait is a thing that a struct needs to implement in order to get some functionality. say, being able to be cloned with the `Clone` trait. an unsatisfied trait bound is just when something expects a parameter to it to implement a given trait. if its not satisfied, that means youre trying to pass an object that doesnt implement a given trait even tho that trait is required. simple stuff.

@LordMZTE ty for the info, it turned out that I was misinterpreting the error message. it was actually just trying to tell me that there was no vector length function that returned an int. UVs here I come, gotta love platonic render space.

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