I don't understand how after all these years microsft is still this bad at UX. I don't even understand how they managed it.

@tastytentacles a lot of developers dead, retired, quit - and nobody understands their code - Win 11 seems better in this aspect

@TauAs unless their whole UX team is getting blatted every couple months that doesn't really explain all the problems. like I am trying to install that office package that you need to pay a subscription for and the listing on the store is broken, it will just do nothing when you hit install.

@tastytentacles oh the store is broken for ages, try restart it mostly is working again, as with search function - it is very bad if you try to search lots of hdd's

@TauAs figured as much, any idea why I can't set anything but store apps in my default application list? kinda getting on my tits that it keeps trying to reinstall windows media player.

@TauAs thank you for the link but that's not the error I am experiencing. I mean I click the button marked install and it animates and then nothing happens. no error no warning it doesn't even try to install the software.

@TauAs I actually just installed the EXE hosted on their website but thank you. I can't be bothered to fix software that microsoft itself doesn't care enough about to keep working.

@tastytentacles it has been like that for ages, welcome to the ship, and linux has its own set of problems

@TauAs speaking as someone that uses both because they recognise that both platforms have strengths. Linuxs problems pail in comparison, at least on linux I can be sure the package manager will manage packages.

I haven't been this disgusted by something I paid money for in a long time.

@tastytentacles never payed for windows :) as a post soviet space inhibitor rutracker has tools to register win directly in ms servers, now testing win 11, started with win 95

@TauAs sick, I lost my install because the cracked version of windows I was running blue screened and died. NGL at least intrested to try windows 11.

@TauAs want to use VLC but its only letting me set apps that have been downloaded from the windows store.

@tastytentacles fastest way to debug this is reinstall as I said
try reinstalling vlc not from store but from downloaded file

@TauAs just tried, doesn't work. still asking for apps installed by the windows store.

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