@PixelDroid hay sorry to be a pain, just realized you had a mastodon I could at. how come I can't upload pictures with pixeldroid? it just gives me error 500 and I can't seem to find anything about that.

any information would be super appreciated, like your app and would like to use it more.

@tastytentacles what instance are you using? 500 is a server error, probably not our fault

@PixelDroid I don't think its your fault I am just trying to work out what's going on. I registered my account on and wondered if there was a version miss match going on or maybe I haven't set my permissions up right or something.

but also thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

@tastytentacles I'll investigate, .social should work. Thanks for the message :)

@tastytentacles I have the same error. Will investigate the cause and get it fixed (in the server or in our app, depending)

@tastytentacles Fixed it server-side, I made a pull request so maybe @dansup will merge it soon :)

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