high concept 

stealth game who's primary mechanic is that stealth is technically impossible. the main antagonist is some kind of centralized AI core that can always see the player through environmental sensors. to begin with the AI knows you are there but doesn't consider you a threat so isn't putting very much effort into stopping you, enemies react slower or might just ignore the player altogether. primary loop is trying to achieve a set of objectives that all require you to get the AI's attention making each subsequent objective harder.

maybe include some equivalent of the visibility gem mechanic but instead of tracking how directly visible the player is it tracks what percentage of the AI's mind is dedicated to trying to kill the player.


high concept+ 

would also be really neat if the player could pull logs from terminals or dead drones that detail what actions pissed the AI off. maybe mix in some sudo procedural logs that imply story events taking place before the game and off screen.

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