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There is this project I only just discovered called JS-DOS, apparently it's from 2014 so I am super late to the party but its still really impressive to me. Plus looking over the github it's still being maintained which is really cool to see.

frankly the thing I resent most about software like is that the worthless account syncing I never use works out of the box but the spell check doesn't. can we get a partition to beat priorities into whoever's decision it is to priorities features?

climate collapse, disaster capitalism 

OK that's better, my normal C# IDE is happy to complete Godot c# so we are up and ready to go.

and I am definitely not procrastinating cos all the work I actually need to get done is in unity :akko_aaa:

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ooooh noooooooooo, case errors in the Godot docs. I am not impressed, lets see if I can hook up a better IDE for script editing next.

I'm honestly kinda digging grim dawn, my character is a warlord shaman thing so my main strategy is diving into pile of mobs and hoping my aoe health steal eats them before they can eat me. plus lightning.

used to be my baby but they started making videos about how to "believe and get rich" and I'm just kinda trying to come to terms with the reality that all religion even the fun hokey ones are inherently vulnerable to capitalist exploration consuming them from the inside :blobcatsadreach:

so a friend of mine has these like delivery robots on her campus and this thought has been looping in my head since she sent me footage.

"creates, but they run away when you try smashing them"

looking for books from the perspective of AI and getting really frustrated with the "audiences want to relate to the main character" bs

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