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There is this project I only just discovered called JS-DOS, apparently it's from 2014 so I am super late to the party but its still really impressive to me. Plus looking over the github it's still being maintained which is really cool to see.

For some reason scarlet notes doesn't show up anywhere when I search for note apps despite it being miles better then any of the alternatives. What's the deal with that?

Does anyone else get 4 copies of everything they download from the app? Its honestly pretty frustrating and does it on every phone I have tried.

Aaaaaaay the only shop in my town that sells micro SD cards is the news agent / lock smith. What and or why? I mean I am happy I have one now but why is that the only shop that caries them?

I will have you know that I am not awkward, its actually an elaborately choreographed dance with the primary function of giving the impression I am awkward. all part of the plan.

:3dblobrainbow1: :3dblobrainbow2: แดต แตƒแต หขแต—แถฆหกหก สทแตƒแถฆแต—แถฆโฟแต แถ แต’สณ แต–แต’หขแต— แตƒโฟแตˆ แดต สฐแตƒแต—แต‰ แถฆแต— :3dblobtrans:

Me sitting under a big "vegetation 2020" sign sipping oat milk out of a straw shaped like the worlds "vegetation 2020": ...

My dad: so I made beef stew and I'm going to be real offended if you don't eat some.

Yah ok but... I really really like this phone. Image a parallel universe were touch screens never took off and everyone is clicking away on terminals like this.

"Unihertz Titan Hands-On: Not just a BlackBerry knockoff"

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